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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Born into a struggling Midwestern farming family, Libby Day is traumatized in childhood by horrendous acts of violence which she refers to as Darkplace. Decades later, alienated and adrift, she is contacted by a group of crime enthusiasts known as the Kill Club who offer money in exchange for information about her incarcerated brother Ben, from whom she is estranged. 122 more words


How to Keep Your Cool Image with Invisalign Teen®

To many teens image is everything, and at an age where image is so important, metal brackets and wires do not sound like the next hottest thing. 209 more words

Dr. Heidi Harman

And the Oscar Goes To....Perry?

Dad finally returned from the cold land of Kansas City Missouri. I was excited to see him and instantly forgave him for abandoning me by counter suffering and snatching a full chicken off the counter. 336 more words

Healthy Puppy Food

Strawberry Hill Museum

Located in Kansas City, Mo
The museum was built as a mansion and was later turned into an orphanage and is now a museum. It is haunted by the spirits of the man and woman who lived there when it was first built. 160 more words

I'm Being Perfect

Yup – Dad left me.  I overheard him telling Mom he needed a break from ME but I guess I deserve it.  I give him a run for his money since when Mom told him a dog would be a lot more work than a cat he said those famous words “it’s just a dog.” 322 more words

Healthy Puppy Food

A glimpse of the season

I’ve been kinda quiet on here lately. Me being quiet means one of two things…

A. I’m hopelessly depressed
B. I’m super crazy busy.

I’m pretty incredibly glad it’s not A… B has been kickin’ my butt, but that’s B-ok. 101 more words