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Rational Minds Think ALike

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all heard the phrase, “Great minds think alike”, but I think there is copious evidence to disprove this idea.   404 more words


Spinoza's Ethics and Two Versions of the Ontological Argument


Spinoza, through his use of the principle of sufficient reason (henceforth PSR), eliminates many dichotomies that he concludes are unjustified, brute facts. This occurs both in the ‘anthropocentric’ portions of the ethics (Part II and following), most notably his rejection of the Cartesian Intellect/Will duality, and in his universal metaphysics in Part I, in which he rejects the Cartesian idea that two different substances constitute thought and extension. 3,496 more words


Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant was one of the greatest rational philosophers of the Enlightenment, and set a categorical standard for modern reasoning. All of Kant’s years from birth to death (1724-1804), were spent in the small provincial town Konigsberg, in East Prussia. 455 more words

Sound As Domination

This is a recording of a presentation called “Sound As Domination” that I gave at Game Audio Boston’s “Lightning Talks” on Tue, December 12, 2017… 281 more words


Toynbee and the Enlightenment

Arnold J Toynbee has some bad news in Volume VI of his A Study of History: Western civilisation is showing all the signs of being in its final decline. 513 more words


Moment - Holy Kant!

I awoke, confounded by a dramatic image. I was standing at the front of a huge open auditorium that reminded me of Rome, where I had won my first world championship in free-style wrestling. 86 more words