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Saving the Noumena: Kant's Approach to Metaphysics

The power of Kant’s approach to metaphysics stood out to me in a recent reading of his Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics. As I have mentioned, I am studying at… 593 more words

Philosophy - The Very First Subject Of The Mind

The term philosophy comes from the Greek word “Φιλοσοφία” (philo-sophia), which means “love of wisdom”.The Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy defines it as the study of “the most fundamental and general concepts and principles involved in thought, action, and reality“. 352 more words




Philosophus ridens


Studies in Philosophy of Literature, Aesthetics and New Media Theories

 Odradek. Studies in Philosophy of Literature, Aesthetics and New Media Theories is an International Journal ( 707 more words


Pippin, Hegel's Practical Philosophy: Ch. 3

This is the reading for June 24th’s meeting.  You can get the location and other details at our meetup.com page.

1. In chapters 1 and 2, Pippin argued that Hegel’s practical philosophy—which Hegel would have called a philosophy of spirit—is primarily a theory of freedom.   2,588 more words


12. Kant's The Science of Right

My earlier encounter with Kant, via his Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone, was forbidding. Thus I wasn’t looking forward to reading from his… 2,222 more words

Political Theory

On a Grounding of Social Roles and Responsibilities

Todays post was intended to be on the topic of the denial of moral responsibility. Yet, a theme as stricken me from recent readings and review of by previous two posts. 850 more words


Duty V Emotion

What Finsbury Park and the Grenfell Fire has to tell us about how we come to an ethical understanding.

Whilst I was still in the police I had a good friend who was a care assistant. 1,274 more words