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If Kant was alive today

If Kant was alive today
to hear Guthrie Govan
soloing on Regret #9,
he’d say “Man!
That’s what I mean
by sublime!”
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Rassenlehre by Immanuel Kant: Scientific Racism damals und heute

Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich einen Vortrag zum Thema “Scientific Racism” gehalten. Und die Fackel der Weisheit (Immanuel Kant) hat auch ein bisschen was dazu geschrieben (dieses “Bisschen” war übrigens ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Rassenideologie in Ruanda – das Ergebnis kennen wir). 47 more words

Gesellschaftspolitisch Relevante Ergüsse

Kant and the Objectivity of Experience

(This is a rough gloss on Strawson’s exposition of Kant’s doctrines of unity and objectivity in ‘The Bounds of Sense’)

– Kant notes that our experience has to include the awareness of objects distinct from the state of being aware of them – call this the objective reference of experience. 343 more words


Hans Jonas, The imperative of responsibility

Hans Jonas, The Imperative of Responsibility – In Search of an Ethics for the Technological Age.

The Imperative of Responsibility:

“Act so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of genuine human life”. 24 more words


A Quality Leader

Most people find Harry Potter fascinating with all of his adventures and the magical world he lives in. But there seems to be something special about Harry, no, not the magic of love from his mother that protects him from Lord Voldemort, but a quality that Plato would find admirable. 1,736 more words


The Hitchhiker's Guide and Philosophy: An Interview about Adams, Kant and more with Nicholas Joll

RR: When did you read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for the first time and how did you encounter that book?

NJ: I am unsure of the year and hence of my age. 3,008 more words

Douglas Adams