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The Creator by Mynona

OK, I’m done. I will no longer be suckered into buying unheralded classics from various points in the 20th century that happened to be suffering in obscurity until, just now, a small press managed the painstaking task of reviving it and translating it into english. 388 more words


Allen Wood on dealing with Kant's racism

I’ve been thinking, more or less loosely, about various issues to do with the appropriate ways to engage with, or treat, past philosophers. Some of these issues concern the ways in which the work of particular philosophers is highlighted as of especial importance and—what I think is a more or less independent issue—the ways in which the work of other philosophers is largely ignored. 799 more words


Saflığın Etiği

Yine de bütün deneyim seyahat edilmemiş dünyaya doğru
Parlayan bir kemerden ibarettir,
Ben hareket ettiğim zaman, sınırları her zaman ve her zaman solan.

Ulysses, Alfred Lord Tennyson (çeviri: Vehbi Taşar)

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Fr. 616

5. (cont.) […] Sinon, le fait de promouvoir cette intention et lui prêter une forme déterminée pour l’espèce entière exigerait une méthode de transmission. Qu’est-ce qui assurerait la transmission aux générations suivantes? 1,062 more words


The Essence of Money

CPNP: Last time you said, that for Plato the essence or the idea of something, which is mostly just in our heads, or even above it, is more important than the real thing. 579 more words

Tuesdays With Di

Deontology in Pop Culture

When I cover deontology in my introductory courses, I usually focus on two versions of the categorical imperative from Kant’s moral theory – the universal law formulation and the end in itself formulation.  197 more words