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パーフィットは『On What Matters』(OUP, 2011)第2巻で、義務論的規範的概念のペアとしての正しさ rightness と不正さ wrongness では、後者のほうが前者よりも根本的 fundamental であると述べている(2: 302)。しかし、どういう意味でwrongの方がrightより根本的なのかは明らかでない。 189 more words

the blue pill

As a general rule, I don’t trust anyone called Rene, but I make an exception for Descartes because his theory on reality as independent of perception is so lucid: he simply says, while reality is actually objectively real, our experience of reality is only subjectively real. 445 more words

Random Thoughts

Sunday Quotes: Enlightenment and 666

Have the courage to use your own understanding. That is the message of Enlightenment.

-Immanuel Kant

*I believe I may have gotten this from World Histoy class in 11th grade. 77 more words

Lame haiku joke #8

Tried philosophy
Tried to see the reason, but
Though I tried, I Kant

Janusface vs. Kant

Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.
– One of the best-known statements of Immanuel Kant. 162 more words


Franz West - Kant & Kantine

Dear community,

a superbe written quote by Franz West thinking about Kant & Kantine: Kantine the feministic form of  Kant. 

The reverse text mentions “Let´s have a look for Hegel´s <schlechte Unendlichkeit>” 87 more words

Franz West