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Unity and Rationality (Art and the Conscious Mind, week 3)

This week we discussed the idea of a unified and rational conscious mind. Scientists, philosophers, and people in general, seem to assume that our minds are all unified and rational. 987 more words


I float through time

I float through time oblivious to space.
Where shall I go when I’m perfectly flexible?
We read and dream past the whole human race.
Where did they go? 170 more words

Presentazione a Padova del libro di A. Ferrarin "The Powers of Pure Reason"

Nel contesto del Seminario su “Temi e problemi della filosofia hegeliana”

(Corso del dottorato di ricerca in Filosofia di Padova) 

e con l’organizzazione di hegelpd… 87 more words


Notes towards a phenomenology of conspiracy theory

Really, what I want to talk about here is the unspoken axiom behind all epistemology: that we ought to believe statements that are propositionally true, and that we ought not to believe statements that are propositionally false. 2,348 more words

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A Case Against Determinism for the Sake of Identifying the Self and Consciousness

November 25, 2015

Response to Alan Watts and further adding to my previous “article” regarding the mind as a governing agency… In Alan Watts’ book, … 1,702 more words


Immanuel Kant - Perpetual Peace: Reading Group

It took us more than a year, but our reading group has finished Marx’s volume I of Capital. It’s been an interesting read and I’ll probably pen down my thought on the book as a whole some time soon. 144 more words