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I just Kant do it anymore!

     I think my brain is dying. I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t understand philosophy. No matter how many youtube videos I watch explaining things in simple terms, it just goes over my head. 79 more words

Being A Student

For the Common Good: An Analysis of HBO’s Manipulation of the Commons

When introduced to America in the late 1940s, the television was predicted to be a brief fad that wouldn’t last more than a few years. Now in 2015, the world of television has become a staple of pop culture and modern day media distribution. 2,533 more words


ஆன்மாவிற்கு நூறு பாடல்கள் - 8

ஒளிமுதலாய பழமைந்தும் உண்டு நாறும்
குழலில் புகுந்து மாறிமாறியாடும்
கிளிகளைந்தையும் வீழ்த்தி
வெளியுருவையேந்தி அகம் விளங்கிடவேண்டும்
(ஆத்மோபதேச சதகம் – பாடல் 8)

ஆத்மோபதேச சதகத்திற்கு அறிமுகம் போல் அமைந்துள்ள முதல் பத்து பாடல்களில் எட்டாவது மிகவும் முக்கியமானது.

நாராயண குரு

Why On Earth Would Someone Need Human Rights?

Human rights have many functions, but their most important one is perhaps the institution and the protection of a public space and a public life… 3,570 more words

Human Rights

Mythmaking, World Creation and the Problem of Freedom: Curtains Within Curtains

In the chapter entitled “Myth” in Guide to the Study of Religion, Russell McCutcheon outlines how there have been many definitions surrounding the term… 2,451 more words

Patagonia Through a Kantian Lens

The human race is currently facing the first global crisis that threatens its survival as a species.The permanent damage human activity causes our planet and our mindless consumption of natural resources will eventually lead to our planet’s demise. 2,160 more words


Beauty with an Ethical Edge

What do you do when your beautiful company was built on a foundation of admirable ethics and values, but entry into the profitable international markets would force you to compromise those morals? 2,459 more words