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Kant's categorical imperative

Kant’s three significant formulations of the categorical imperative are:

  • Act only according to that maxim by which you can also will that it would become a universal law.
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The Kantian Critical Turn, From Systems to Systematics

The scientific systems of the 18th century, of which there were many, are compositional systems. They were built out of arranging details according to a determinate positive term. 933 more words

Update to Healthy Living 27 - making YOU the priority in your life and being a "selfish person"

It seems selfish.  You have to make YOU a priority over everyone else.

You’re a bad husband.  A bad father.  A bad son.  A bad human. 1,883 more words

Healthy Living

Theology Update

A couple days ago, I awoke from my blogging slumber and gave an update. In this post, I want to discuss some of what I’ve been doing in my studies. 941 more words


Notes on Scruton, "Beauty", Chapter 3 - "Natural Beauty"


  • Kant – aesthetic appreciation is universal: “Nature, unlike art, has no history, and its beauties are available to every culture at every time…
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Research And Reflection

Man & mentigo

A casual glance in the mirror on Tuesday revealed an isolated pock, signifying nothing, By Friday, however, that isolated pock had became a full-blown mentigo, signifying a pustular eruption on an unprecedented scale. 275 more words

Ethics: Kant, Sartre, and what makes us good

Kant and Sartre – Actions and Intentions

For the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, whenever we act we are acting in a legislative way for the rest of humanity.  693 more words