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Sinner Man, by Lawrence Block

The last book I reviewed reached a sort of philosophical climax when the two major protagonists, father and son, confronted each other about their willingness, as Emperors of their people, to commit evil acts in service of the greater good. 1,364 more words


Thoughts on Consciousness

“I think therefore I am” is a famous saying. It would have been better, I think, to say, “I am therefore I think.” The reason for this is that I am going to consider two levels of consciousness. 347 more words

Intervista a Paul Guyer in free download

Con piacere segnaliamo che al link sottostante è disponibile in free access e free download l’intervista a Paul Guyer realizzata da Luigi Filieri e pubblicata nel volume XXX (2017) della rivista «Studi Kantiani» 8 more words


Loving You: From Hole to Whole with Double-You

I’ll love you in ways that only a traumatized person can: with fear, desperation, and devotion.

The force with which I love is the depth from which I hurt. 304 more words

Ray Brassier - Dialectics Between Suspicion and Trust

This is our reading for Saturday, January 27th.  You can find the details at our meetup.com page, and a pdf of Brassier’s paper here.  You can watch him deliver an older version of the paper… 3,050 more words

Moving Beyond the Enlightenment

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Upon delving into the thorough debate found in Should Environmentalists Reject the Enlightenment in which the authors, Lewis P. Hinchman and Sandra K. 396 more words


Goods, Attitudes and Some Alleged Duties (to Animals and Other Things)

by Daniel A. Kaufman

My friend and colleague Elizabeth Foreman has introduced a new version of an agent-centered moral philosophy, according to which the relevant locus of moral assessment is our… 5,163 more words