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The Right to Life

Death penalty or capital punishment is one of those things I am agnostic about. The debate over death penalty is perhaps as ancient as the punishment itself. 1,775 more words

Religion And Society

Transcendental Idealism & The Nature of Knowledge

“Space is merely a form of our intuition, that is, just a structure of our own minds imposed onto representations; it is not a property that exists independently of our minds and of our knowledge of them”    -Kant… 866 more words


On Marriage, Wages, and Immanuel Kant

The Gay Marriage Case against the Minimum Wage

I came across the previous article browsing through my Facebook newsfeed today, and while the article is not openly advocating for any sort of return to the pre-minimum wage days, it does raise the possibility, and it does so with a provocative claim which frames the whole article. 2,184 more words


The Hanging Question ?

Everytime someone is about to be hanged, the whole nation goes in a heated debate over the discontinuation of Capital Punishment or the Death Penalty. The question haunts us forever and our capacity to forgive and our desire for vengeful retribution hangs in balance. 481 more words


'온화한 상업'

앨버트 허쉬먼(지음), 김승현(옮김), «열정*과 이해관계», 나남출판, 1994.
Albert Otto Hirschman, The Passions and the Interests: Political Arguments For Capitalism Before Its Triumph, 1977.

* 이 책에서 ‘열정’은 passion의 번역어인데, 이 서평에서는 통용되는 표현인 ‘정념’으로 표기할 것이다. 35 more words


Kant's Transcendental Idealism: A Hopeless Case?

George P. Simmonds
Oxford Brookes University


ABSTRACT: The interpretive mayhem engendered by Immanuel Kant’s Critique has, in the space of two centuries, yet to provide a standard or altogether encompassing exegesis of transcendental idealism, a theory which on all counts lies at the very heart of Kantian philosophy. 2,549 more words