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Community as the Gateway to the Development of Moral Character: A Kantian Perspective & Its Shortcomings

 It is the aim of this paper to offer a brief exegesis of Kant’s understanding of the “good will” as entirely separate from the pursuit of the “good life”. 7,165 more words

Engaged Living

Kant's Realist Solution

Kant’s Transcendental Idealism emerges under the context and in opposition to both idealist and empiricist philosophies. The problem of Idealism for Kant is because it separates knowledge from empirical objects, it is metaphysical. 909 more words


Russian SU-25SM attack aircraft returned to the airbase in Kirgizia after night combat firing over the Urals

Wing of modernized Su-25SM attack aircraft returned to the Kant Russian airbase located in Kirgizia after carrying out training flights over the Urals.

Pilots conducted 3.500 km flight from the Shagol airbase (Chelyabinsk Region) with an average speed of 750 km/h with 2 refuelings (in Novosibirsk and Karaganda) 83 more words

The Ontological Argument

Made famous by Descartes and St Anselm the argument seeks to prove the existence of God a pirori – that is with out the need to experience God and demonstrate his existence only be the virtue that one can conceive of God. 691 more words


A Guide to Above and Beyond

Marriage of the sky and horizon
is a harmonious junction of the
sublime – perfect recipe to stimulate
a precocious mind. Once I wondered,
if through imagination alone could I… 24 more words


Morality has 'nothing' to do with the existence of God

The statement above uses the word ‘nothing’ when referring to the existence of God being irrelevant to the concept of morality. Yet, why else would one act morally if not to achieve a sense of fulfilment? 1,214 more words


The Value of Truth and the Virtue of Honesty

Even apart from the value of such claims as ‘there is a categorical imperative in us,’ one can still always ask: what does such a claim tell us about the man who makes it? 

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