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Torture, A case study and my analysis

Torture, to physically punish or hurt a person intentionally.

Case study, ticking bomb scenario
Plot, which supposes a vast number of people’s lives are at risk because an explosive device is known to exist; the authorities identify a terrorist who is presupposed to be guilty. 1,676 more words


The Shame of Religion [rev:15]

Page 6 of 110 ~Pine Cone Diary~

Why do we seek revenge, when our Soul

        Is a ghost without identity; that seeks peaceful universal assimilation? 183 more words


Kant, in His Own Words: The Argument for How Judgments of the Mind Apply to Objects in the World

The topic at hand is Kant’s basic argument for the claim that synthetic a priori judgments bringing objects of experience under the categories apply to those objects. 976 more words


Goethe and Kant

Here’s another short take in my sequence on German idealist philosophers (see Kant and Fichte here and Fichte and Schelling here). This time I examine briefly the role of the idea in Kant’s and Goethe’s understanding of nature. 1,082 more words


The Effects of Polytheism

Anthropomorphic deities in any religion often serve as a model by which humans shape their lives, and order their actions. Christians sometimes ask what would Jesus do? 590 more words

Mysticism in the IET Archives!

One of the volumes amongst the IET’s collection of S P Thompson’s rare books is an English translation from the Latin version of Emanuel Swedenborg’s book, ‘Principia, volume1’. 1,384 more words

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