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Sanctity of Life & Abortion

What is the Sanctity of Life (SoL) argument?

The SoL argument states that human life is valuable in itself. According to SoL all life is worthy of RESPECT and REVERENCE and is intrinsically worthwhile. 579 more words

AS Religious Ethics

Beyond Sincerity and Authenticity

The concluding chapter of Amanda Anderson’s The Way We Argue Now.

“This makes clear that there is a sphere of human agreement that is nonviolent to the extent that it is wholly inaccessible to violence: the proper sphere of ‘understanding,’ language” (Benjamin, “Critique of Violence,” 289).

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Kant's Public and Private Reason: A quick examination

Immanuel Kant’s essay “What is Enlightenment”[i] is an interesting study because its themes are the corner-stone of liberal democracies. It is an exploration of the use of public and private reason. 1,101 more words


Normative Ethics: Kant versus Mill...

For Mill, in a choice between two moral decisions, one should go for the one which causes the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. 550 more words


Fr. 753

It goes without saying that O’Neill’s argument, on behalf of Kant, carries weight with readers and enjoys an intuitive plausibility. If persons seek deep justification and contingent, environmental factors impede deep justification, then persons do well to exclude appeal to contingent, environmental factors in whatever form, be they persons, thoughts or knowledge claims. 989 more words


Foucault, Noys, Grammar of Neoliberalism and the Bizarre Concessions to Market Resiliency

According to Foucault, the state intervention of neoliberalism is Kantian; it is designed to act on the conditions of the social to create the possibility of competition and enterprise. 547 more words


Fr. 752

This passage is notably dense in logical connections, numerous terms of which are drawn from the preceding paragraphs as well, such that new terms are introduced to serve alongside or in place of older terms. 886 more words