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Taylor—The Politics of Recognition

The Politics of Recognition

by Charles Taylor


  • “our identity is partly shaped by recognition or its absence, often by the misrecognition of others, and so a person or group of people can suffer real damage, real distortion, if the people or society around them mirror back to them a confining or demeaning or contemptible picture of themselves.
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Identity And Subjectivity

On Electronic[?] Music and The Rest

I put a question mark behind electronic because it would appear not even their own artists can agree on what constitutes electronic music. The above post was put on FaceBook by a well known South African DJ I went to primary school with, and whilst I respect people’s rights to choose their own aesthetics and careers, I would argue with the above post as a metalhead in numerous ways, essentially on what is based on anecdotal evidence I have gleaned over the years, and what would seem to be the case to me. 1,232 more words

The Immanuel Kant Collection: 8 Classic Works

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Religious Violence - Not in God’s Name

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is a man of astounding learning and, at last count, sixteen honorary degrees.  When he writes a book with the above title, and the sub-title… 1,924 more words


Notes on Conditions for the Possibility of Knowledge

Kant thought that certain categories and certain „Anschauungsformen“ (forms of intuition, lit. “forms of looking at”) had to exist in the human mind as a precondition of the possibility of gaining knowledge. 854 more words


Despre găurile negre din Italia și meditațiile pseudokantiene

E luni, plouă și-s nostalgică. De asemenea, știi că ești prea plictisită cînd îți dai o singură mînă cu ojă și realizezi asta după o oră. 1,080 more words


Tavola Rotonda: Immaginazione e Giudizio in Kant - sessione 2

Domattina, martedì 29 settembre, alle ore 9.30 avrà luogo la seconda sessione della tavola rotonda dedicata a Kant, organizzata dalla Società di Studi Kantiani e da Zetesis, in collaborazione con il Dottorato in Filosofia di Pisa-Firenze. 233 more words