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Gloomy Gus Mendelssohn

My latest blog post for The Jerusalem Post:

Do we survive bodily death?

There are reasons to think so, but nothing that qualifies as proof. 577 more words


"The Better Angels of our Nature" Steven Pinker

This one’s for you if you don’t believe that violence has decreased, or if you wonder why it has.

Above all else, this is a book of optimism. 1,547 more words

Current Affairs

What Idealism Is and isn't

“Shorn of its rational constraint, the banner of ‘realism’ by itself becomes strictly meaningless. In fact, the relations between ‘realism,’ ‘materialism,’ and ‘idealism,’ are of considerable dialectical complexity so I think it’s a mistake to brandish any one of them in isolation from the others. 1,318 more words


Can Writing Be Taught—Is That the Right Question?

Many writers and writing teachers have posed the question: “Can writing be taught?” Most of us have seen at least part of the debate in which some say it’s useless to try to teach writing to those who aren’t born with a talent for it. 616 more words


Acknowledging Others

I take it as a starting point that human beings are valuable in a very distinctive way. The loss of a human life is not compensable by the creation or preservation of another human life. 658 more words

Virtue, Happiness, & The Meaning Of Life

So who can forget?

According to Fred Vargas in An Uncertain Place Immanuel Kant had a valet called Lampe whom he dismissed when Lampe asked permission to get married.  Kant then pinned a note on his wall saying: “Remember to forget Lampe.”