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Coincidence No.389: Something to do

An email comes in from Goodreads website based in San Francisco at 10:01 today:

I go to a website I set up a few years ago to add it, … 38 more words


Quest for God 8

To draw parallels and affinities between the media of art on the one hand and of religion on the other is, I suggest, a useful approach.  568 more words


The Black Iron Prison Notebooks: Sleep Paralysis

You awoke. No longer confined to a dream-world of calculated nightmares and soothing wish-fulfillment, you see the world through open eyes. Your dreams become available to you as objects of study, and in those moments after waking, you lie in bed, remembering those dreams to fix them in your mind, analyzing their content to discover just how effectively they pretended to fulfill your desires, and just how efficiently they frightened you into submission and paranoia. 1,489 more words


Immanuel Kant IV. - Kalam-Kant

Kant has thus far introduced, in detail, the faculty of sensibility, and its attendant form or rule which is time and space. Sensibility is the faculty that provides us with… 2,068 more words


paradox of crushed ice

pretty much crushed here.

i’m like those grated ice chips that they make slushies out of.

you know, crushed ice.

it’s really only used for those slushy things. 71 more words

On Federalism: A Synthesis

In contrast to animals who has desires, but no sense of duty, humans are always conflicted between reason and the urge to fulfill pleasures. This is a snippet of Immanuel Kant’s theory which states man is naturally selfish.  531 more words


Where I place aesthetic values.

I place a higher value on written word as an art form than any other. I came to this realization by thinking about Kant, sensibilities, and concepts. 514 more words