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Kapcon 2014 - day one

Round one. I ran my Soldiers of Fortune LARP which was something I was a little concerned about since it’s the first round of the con and people aren’t always in a space to game or to throw themselves into things just yet. 547 more words

Kapcon 2014

The bad: I had to cancel the Grand Strategy game.

The good: Asterix and the Deep Ones was popular, with 16 players over three sessions. 2,374 more words

Roleplaying Games

Feedback and ideas for Pax Victoria II

I will upload the PDF of the survey results to the http://www.housewar.org website (probably tomorrow as I have been writing this all night) .  Bits of it will get mentioned in passing here.   5,035 more words

Grand Strategy

Convention Blurbs

One of the small points of contention in my KapCon posts was my struggle with identifying genre from blurbs, prompting Luke’s slightly defensive break-down of the rationale for his Tears of Vykyris. 1,458 more words


The Once and Future KapCon

Somehow in the details of the various games, I have not illuminated what made this KapCon the best for some time. And that’s because, honestly, I have no idea what it is. 761 more words


KapCon Round 5 - A World of Possibilities

Warning Label: This is the last of these detailed game write-ups, so after this you’re going to have to source your spoilers, analysis and/or vitriol someplace else. 1,195 more words

Actual Play

KapCon Round 4- Death on the Streets

Warning Label: Make sure that when you’re off hugging a wolverine instead of reading this offensive post that you take all due precautions as regards spoiling the experience of it. 1,121 more words

Actual Play