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Resolutions 2016: Moonrise Kingdom

Another Friday is here and thank goodness! I don’t know about you guys, but I have definitely been living for the weekend lately. However, before we all go off to our weekend festivities and/or binge watch sessions, I thought I’d put up another post for my… 748 more words


The Sisterhood of Night (2014) - Review

The Sisterhood of Night follows a group of girls who are claimed to be running a secret cult. Rejected member Emily (Kaya Hayward) shares her negative experiences with the cult for all to see online and becomes an instant hit. 371 more words


Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

This is now my least favorite Wes Anderson film, replacing Rushmore. As I am sure you know, it’s about two “troubled” pre-teens who run away from home/camp because they’re so in love. 261 more words

PODCAST: Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom And The Power of First Love

Run Time: 30 Minutes. This week, we look back on Wes Anderson’s powerful film on young love and innocence in his touching and comedic gem, Moonrise Kingdom (2012). 40 more words


That Moment In Moonrise Kingdom (2012): A Conversation On The Rocks

REVIEW: No one will walk into a Wes Anderson film with high expectations of experiencing “reality.” His movies are works of a skewered fantasy, not fantastical, but certainly off center. 1,575 more words

Z: The Films

It is a proven fact that anyone who doesn’t like Wes Anderson is wrong. Specifically Moonrise Kingdom. And like literally all of his other movies. 419 more words


The Sisterhood of Night (2014) **REVIEW**

Throughout history everyone been scared fast as anyone yells “WITCHES” and this film The Sisterhood of Night is the perfect example. A modern day town in U.S turns into a 1600 hundreds Salem. 108 more words