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Chapter 10 - Markets and Pigeons.

To the pigeons, who are flocking these lands in huge numbers, who are bravely frequenting every street and picking on food available to them – you have one big heart. 584 more words


The World Inside The Mirror

As a child, did you ever notice how everything in the mirror was exactly the same yet opposite. All the letters, symbols and number were the same but reversed. 431 more words


Sim Sim App - A time saver at the Coke Fest 2018!

Coke Fest 2018 Karachi was all the rage over internet for previous few weeks, celebrating its finale in Karachi, Coke Fest had a lot of amazing things to offer. 329 more words



Music requires passion, confidence, practise and heartbreak. I never used to believe the latter one when I was stick to the prior as my principle. All my childhood friends were involved in music though none were professional musician. 2,541 more words

Short Stories

I want to motivate people by my quotes and stories: Sajal Shaikh

Sajal Shaikh is the youngest author of Sindh, who holds this status with her friend, Lareb Soomro. Both have co-written “The Secrets of Spring”. Sajal talks to MOIWrites in this exclusive interview. 409 more words