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[TENJO-MUGEN] Karakuchi Tokubetsu Junmai-Shu

Presented by the brewery Nakaya-Shuzo, hidden deep in the Miyagi prefecture…

Tenjo-Mugen is it’s name! Tenjo-Mugen tells of a wispy tale of Heaven and Dream.  168 more words



HORIN JUNMAI DAI GINJYO (JDGJ) versatilely comes in 3 different volumes, in 3 different packaging, in 3 different colours! 











1800ml, 720ml and 300ml. 

Gekkeikan HORIN JUNMAI DAI GINJYO  482 more words

Sake no Ana in Ginza 銀座酒の穴

Some of my clients are interested in learning a bit about saké during their visit to Tokyo. However, finding somewhere in Tokyo that serves a wide selection of saké during lunch is challenging. 441 more words

Ginza 銀座

Dinner Date with Pepper Lunch

After a week of silence I’m finally back!  It’s always fun to go on long and well-deserved breaks especially during the most stressful times of our dear lives.   516 more words


94. Asahi


Company info:
Asahi Breweries Limited


Bottle size sampled: 350 mL

Alcohol: 5%
Standard drinks: 1.4

Cap type: Screw cap

Cost: 479 more words

Mason Hell-cat

Common Ground at Jipan

hubby and i dont exactly enjoy all of each others activities.  i for one dont like riding when he races on or off the track, and he doesnt care to sing when i take the mic at a karaoke bar.  528 more words

Gastronomic Experience