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Airborne Karate Chop!!!

Wouldn’t everyday be an even more awesome day if you incorporated at least one airborne karate chop into it? :)

Need to open the door of your bedroom?…AIRBORNE KARATE CHOP! 64 more words


Don't Ask Me to Explain This

Here is a writer’s conundrum: Can you overdo the setup?

The answer, of course, is nearly always a resounding yes, but still, what if it’s not a magical alternate universe, but instead merely a joke? 312 more words


A Bug Karate Chopping a Baby ... Bug

Any time you get to go with, “I mean, if you karate chopped a baby”, it’s a risk. To the one, ’tis a fine setup. 22 more words


Dorthe Nors: Karate Chop / Minna Needs Rehearsal Space

Here is my review in the Guardian of Dorthe Nors’ first books to be translated into English, the back-to-back volume containing the excellent short story collection… 46 more words

Pushkin Press

Danish Southern Gothic (Karate Chop by Dorthe Nors)

Each of the fifteen stories in Danish writer Dorthe Nors’ first English-language collection Karate Chop (Graywolf 2014) are short enough to inhabit territory of an entirely new genre: concise as flash, but incisive and expansive as any great short story. 132 more words

Three-Sentence Reviews

KARATE CHOP brings Danish writer's dark, droll stories to U.S. readers

Karate Chop: Stories

Dorthe Nors (Translated by Martin Aitken)

Graywolf Press: Feb. 4, 2014

104 pages, $14.00

Dorthe Nors’s Karate Chop is one of the few books that truly deserves to be described with that overused adjective, “unique.” The Danish novelist’s first collection of stories is a short, sharp shock that hits you like, well, a karate chop to the neck. 873 more words

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Topic Tank Tuesday: Karate Chopping a Salmon

ATTENTION: Anyone interested in karate chopping a chunk of frozen salmon.
Odds are, it’s a mistake.

I was making dinner a while back, salmon fillets baked in butter, and one of the pieces of fish was just a tad too large to fit inside the selected baking skillet. 137 more words

Topic Tank Tuesday