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Karate Chop / Minna Needs Rehearsal Space

At Edinburgh International Book Festival, Dorthe Nors spoke about the spaces she leaves in her stories. In the novella which comes with her first collection to be translated into English, ‘Minna Needs Rehearsal Space’ (translated by Misha Hoekstra), those spaces are visible on the page: 751 more words


Hygge: The Dark Side of Danish Comfort, a Story by Dorthe Nors

Dorthe Nors | Longreads |  August 2015 |  8 minutes (1,904 words)

Our latest Longreads Exclusive is a previously unpublished short story by Danish writer Dorthe Nors… 1,957 more words


Airborne Karate Chop!!!

Wouldn’t everyday be an even more awesome day if you incorporated at least one airborne karate chop into it? :)

Need to open the door of your bedroom?…AIRBORNE KARATE CHOP! 64 more words


Don't Ask Me to Explain This

Here is a writer’s conundrum: Can you overdo the setup?

The answer, of course, is nearly always a resounding yes, but still, what if it’s not a magical alternate universe, but instead merely a joke? 312 more words


A Bug Karate Chopping a Baby ... Bug

Any time you get to go with, “I mean, if you karate chopped a baby”, it’s a risk. To the one, ’tis a fine setup. 22 more words


Dorthe Nors: Karate Chop / Minna Needs Rehearsal Space

Here is my review in the Guardian of Dorthe Nors’ first books to be translated into English, the back-to-back volume containing the excellent short story collection… 46 more words

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