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The greatest living rock star on the planet ?

Kanye West’s appearance as the “greatest living rock star on the planet” at Glastonbury cannot be ignored, but not for the obvious reasons. In the digital obsessed era of 2015 just by telling people how we “look” or “feel” on social media sites or posting airbrushed images through “Instagram” we can hide what’s really behind the smile. 213 more words

Undervalued & Underpaid

After accepting the realisation that in 2013 we’ve been living in a global recession for the past five years there are however certain things that we shouldn’t accept. 186 more words

Passion & Pride in Paris

After the French welcomed Hollande into their arms as the antidote to Sarkozy’s bourgeois era they may  have overlooked the trouble and strife between former presidential candidate, mother of three,Segolene Royal, new model, Valerie Trierweiler and the man to finally reform their country. 181 more words

And the survey says...

The ESRI is reeling after the co-author of “The Costs of Working in Ireland” revealed that 44% of working families in Ireland would be better off on the dole. 73 more words

Goodbye Henry Hill...

The infamous or later famous, real life, Henry Hill died at the untimely age of 69. The legendary gangster portrayed by Ray Liotta in Scorsese’s 1990’s epic movie, “Goodfellas” passed away in L.A. 232 more words


LinkedIn is the latest social networking site to be attacked. Over 161 million members have been warned to reset their passwords as it came to light that members security information was stolen and posted online. 169 more words

Star Gazing!

YouTube sensation,Justin Bieber’s fan base just keeps getting bigger and more stalker-esque. 300 female fans stormed through tight security to catch the heart-throbs in the flesh.The popstar was on location to record a special guest appearance on “Alan Carr’s Summer Specstacular” when his obsessive fans got in. 139 more words