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Monogram Dream Kitchen Contest Winner: Karen Smith

The Monogram Dream Kitchen Design Contest was created to celebrate the imagination and creative vision inherent in beautiful kitchen design. All designs were required to integrate… 841 more words


Wrapping Up 2015

Despite little activity on this page in 2015, it’s been a busy year. Too busy, it turned out, to devote much time to blogging. But if there had been enough hours in each day, there would have been posts sharing the ups and downs, excitements, challenges, and experiences that made up the last 12 months… 207 more words


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If "Mean Girls" were set in 2015

1. Emma Roberts would play Regina George.

2. Lea Michele would play Gretchen Weiners.

3. Rebel Wilson would play Karen.

4. Emma Stone would play Cady. 112 more words


Newly Opened Full Living Offers a Unique Psychotherapy Experience

Full Living, a unique psychotherapy practice, is launching this month with multiple offices in Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods. Director Karen Smith works exclusively with seasoned, culturally competent clinicians, offering relational psychodynamic clinical services for individuals, couples and families. 157 more words


Psychotherapists as Dance Archaeologists

by Karen Smith

An element of a good psychotherapy, the one that requires the most skill and psychological strength from the therapist, is one’s work uncovering early childhood dynamics (archaeology) that impact our daily patterns (dances). 514 more words