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FashionBride Trend: Know Your Budget

Have a good idea of what you’re ready to spend on flowers before getting your heart set on specific blooms or arrangements. The cost of wedding flowers ranges widely (typically between $2,000 and $6,000) depending on the types of flowers you choose, how delicate those flowers are and, of course, how many arrangements you’ll need and how elaborate they’ll be. 32 more words

Flower Power

Dancing Flowers-inspirational design with Karen Tran

This past Tuesday March 31, Terry (one of my staff) and I attended a design presentation by Karen Tran in Toronto. It was a long drive for one day, but well worth the trip. 280 more words

Flower Shop Journal

Interview: Karen Tran

My interview with world-renowned florist and event stylist, Karen Tran, is available to read here at Couturing online magazine.

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Karen Tran's Flower Power

I am an absolute sucker for weddings so naturally I’m aware of the mammoth task of planning and ensuring your very own wedding is as close to perfection as possible. 206 more words

Habibi Lifestyle

Anna Stouffer Joins the Chapel Designers

I’m excited to finally announce that I will be joining the Chapel Designers in New York City on March 17-21, 2013!!! I’ve been keeping this secret for so long I’m about to burst!!! 267 more words

Urban Petals

Florals for a Vintage Inspired Tea, Maui Nuptials & The English Countryside

I was curious as to what my fave floralista Karen Tran had been up to and no surprise; she’s rocking out fabulous florals like no one else. 142 more words