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American Horror Story: Season 3 Episode 2

Boy Parts
-Literally everyone on this show wants a baby or ends up having a baby (or 2), EVERY SINGLE PERSON… 225 more words

American Horror Story

Ode to Karen's

Spring is just around the corner and flowers are starting to bloom. I enjoy the outdoors seeing life that has formed anew.

So many exciting and beautiful things happen in people’s lives during this blissful season. 112 more words

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Every Breath Is A Bomb

Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill made a lot of the character’s face the truth. Whether it was a truth they weren’t yet ready to come to terms with, I’m looking at you Clay. 631 more words

TV Show

'One Tree Hill' Recap: A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill showed us that in its old age, it has not lost the talent of bringing the drama. With revelations that both shocked you, made you cheer, and of course made you cry, last night’s episode didn’t disappoint. 638 more words

Brittany Davis

One Tree Hill: Everybody's forgetting babies

One Tree Hill – A Rush of Blood to the Head S09E08

I admit, the last couple of years I’ve missed my fair share of OTH because of generally not caring. 568 more words


i feel so uninformed.

holler.  anyone have a case of the mondays?  i did earlier today.  the case was so big that i couldn’t take it in my carry-on luggage.. 1,564 more words