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Thursday's Debate for Sheriff and District Attorney

By EOM Contributor

Last night (April 24th) was the first public debate between the candidates for Sheriff (incumbent Adam Christiansen and Deputy Tom Letras) and District Attorney (incumbent Birgit Fladagher and attorney Frank Carson).   1,051 more words

Kari Abbey Prelim Summations the Long Version

By Emerson Drake

District Attorney Dave Harris

The afternoon started out quietly with D.A. Harris sitting at the table softly reciting the events of last week’s hearings.  1,960 more words

Judge Refuses to Bind Abbey Over for Murder and Manslaughter

By Emerson Drake

The announcement brought several audible gasps from the Rita Elias family since they believed they had heard enough evidence to bind Kari Abbey over for trial on both the Murder and Manslaughter charges. 154 more words

Kari Abbey Prelim Final Arguments Today

As an observer at the preliminary examinations one couldn’t help but notice a few things absent from the discussion. When you read the District Attorney’s list of items discovered on the Abbey property and compare it to the charges, a few details seem to be missing.  137 more words

Kari Abbey prelim Exam - Day Four

By Emerson Drake

To open the day, the defense presents Sally Ann Pantoja.  She lived at 2012 Donald back in September of 2010. 

Defense attorney Rains first has her explain how she rents from Kari Abbey, as does her best friend Julie Perez who was renting from Ms. 1,049 more words

Kari Abbey Preliminary Hearing Day Two Part Two

By Emerson Drake

The District Attorney’s Chief Investigator on the Kari Abbey case, Mike Hermosa is still on the stand and starts discussing the rental property onOlympia St.where Nora Martinez and Javier Arreygue have been after Jose Flores for some time asking him to rid the home of the rat and cockroach infestation.  840 more words

Local Cops Continue Killing and Corruption Spree

Mar. 30, 2011– MPD arrests one of their own officers, Anthony Trock, for

seizing illegal drugs (including cocaine, meth, and marijuana) and failing to submit the narcotics into evidence. 1,028 more words

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