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A Week Later: Bright Hope for Tomorrow

It’s been a week since the attacks on Paris and I still can’t seem to shake the despair. I’m sure I’m not alone. We were created for each other, you and me, and that means that, regardless of our religious affiliations, our skin color, the way we take our coffee, means nothing in the wake of terrible tragedy. 1,155 more words

The Gospel

Beauty = Character

I was on the bus the other day listening to two teens talk about relationships. They discussed who’s hot and who’s just “aight” in Bermudian colloquialism.   284 more words


He Is For Me

Psalm 56:9 says, “This I know, that God is for me.” He is for me. Those four little words have made such a difference in my life over the last several years. 655 more words

When Healing Doesn't Come

I pulled out an older CD of mine today while running errands.  (Yes, I still use CD’s.)  I quickly came to realize that the CD choice was not random, not of my doing….it truly was the hand of God.   716 more words

Playlist #2: To Those Nights

For those nights when we feel as empty as a starless sky or as lonely as the howling wolf. For those nights when our dreams fails us and reality wins. 348 more words

Epik High

10 Dove Award Nominees From 2015 You Should Know

The Dove Awards first aired in 1970 and their sole purpose is to honor artists achievements in the Christian industry. Here are 10 outstanding artists’ who were nominated for the… 2,456 more words

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