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To Be 'In Christ' and the Bigger Picture of Salvation

In Christ, this little phrase is ubiquitous throughout the writings of St. Paul. If you are a Bible reader this phrase, ‘in Christ,’ will be very familiar to you, and maybe also very encouraging to you, if not somewhat mysterious sounding. 703 more words

Karl Barth

Barth and Heaven

Given the recent interest in matters pertaining to the afterlife and heaven, I decided to skim through Barth’s section on the kingdom of Heaven in  443 more words

Karl Barth

The King of Heaven

John 18:33-37

This morning we observe and celebrate Christ the King Sunday. John Calvin originated the Doctrine of the Three Offices of Christ. In his… 2,094 more words

Moving and Breathing in a Blog-like World with Appeal to the Analogia Barthei

Living in a blog-like world can be dangerous, especially for those of us who keep reading and learning. When posting on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media the impression might be given that our ideas are concretized, stagnate, immutable even. 554 more words

Karl Barth

On Karl Barth (1886-1968)

His theology is highly critical of neo-Protestantism, or modernism, which includes Schleiermacher and the Ritschlian school.  It is, he says, subjectivistic, psychologistic.  It confuses God’s voice with man’s, theology with anthropology.  244 more words

John M. Frame

Why Karl Barth is ultimately Free Church in his Ecclesiology

“It is certain that we all have reason to ask ourselves each of these questions, and in every case quickly and clearly to give the answer: 246 more words

Karl Barth


It is kind of like the children’s song, if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. Staying joyful is like clapping your hands.

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