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Karl Blossfeldt (1865 – 1932)

Maria-Sophie Germain (1 April 1776 – 27 June 1831) was a French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher.

As a child, she pored over every book on mathematics in her father’s library, and taught herself Latin and Greek so that she could read works like those of Sir Isaac Newton. 198 more words

Natural History

Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932 – age 67) was a German photogrpaher, sculptor, teacher, and artist who worked in Berlin, Germany. He is best known for his close-up photographs of plants and living things, published in 1929 as,Urformen der Kunst.  31 more words

Art And Design

Karl Blossfeldt (1865 – 1932) Famous photographer

An artist, teacher, sculptor and photographer from Germany, Karl Blossfeldt (1865 – 1932)’

Taken from http://www.famousphotographers.net/karl-blossfeldt

‘An artist, teacher, sculptor and photographer from Germany, Karl Blossfeldt (1865 – 1932), worked in Berlin till the age of 67. 546 more words


Planting the seeds

Karl Blossfeldt, Indian Balsam, 1928

Aesthetically I rather love Karl Blossfeldt’s photographs of plants but they’re images I don’t really think about often. Joan Fontcuberta’s  266 more words


Sowing the seed for scientific photography, Karl Blossfeldt

Continuing on my pilgrimage to the photographic holy land, a place so unattainable, which hides as its reward the perfect photograph, I have once again stumbled across one who has come close to reaching such incredible heights. 220 more words

Integrating Biology and Botany into the Visual Arts and Vice Versa

As I continue to try to attract other departments within the school into the gallery, I find the perfect exhibition in the form of Hayward Touring exhibition: Karl Blossfeldt | Art Forms in Nature. 557 more words

Final pictures

This is my final picture for my Steve Chong work. I have taken the image from the left of the shoes by Lisa Milroy and how she puts them in couples and groups then combined it with Steve Chongs still life fruit work. 270 more words

Still LIfe