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Karl Blossfeldt (1864-1932)

Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) was a German photographer, sculptor and teacher who lived and worked in Berlin. His photographic career spanned over three decades and in that time he created over 6,000 images using a homemade cameras that could magnify subjects by thirty. 506 more words


Neue Sachlichkeit

“It’s important to see things the way they are.”
—Otto Dix

Almost by accident (my favorite mode of living these days …) I discovered the art of Albert Renger-Patzsch (1897–1966). 284 more words



Plant still lifes were also perhaps the first works of pure photo-typology in Karl Blossfeldt’s “Urformen der Kunst” (English ed: “Art Forms in Nature”, 1929). 39 more words


Karl Blossfeldt's Gorgeously Creepy Floral Photography

Karl Blossfeldt was a photographer and artist who invented a camera/photographic technique that could magnify its subject to show its texture in impressive detail. His main subject was plants, and the new technique, combined with his knowledge of composition, resulted in some of the most fascinating, beautiful, and creepy photographs of plants ever. 225 more words

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Karl Blossfeldt at Bristol Museum

A couple of weeks ago I saw an exhibition of Karl Blossfeldt’s work at Bristol Museum. I had no idea of who Blossfeldt was but as the exhibition was free I thought I’d go and check it out whilst I was in Bristol. 330 more words


Karl Blossfeldt

Most artists know they are artists. Either they set out to be one, or they come to it by accident, but mostly when they are making art they realise it’s art. 679 more words


Karl Blossfeldt – Art Forms in Nature (Bristol - touring from Hayward)

This exhibition which just opened at Bristol looks interesting.

Blossfeldt’s photos are of plants with sculptural qualities. They were linked with Modernism and Surrealism and I really enjoy that 1920s/1930s style of photography. 6 more words