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The Idiot Genius That Is Carl Pilkington

In the early 2000’s Ricky Gervais was one of the first to harness the power of the podcast to reach millions of people. Together with one of my favourite deadpan comedians, Stephen Merchant, Gervais hired a location and a production geek and set to work. 1,615 more words


Comedy Book Corner - Happyslapped by a jellyfish, The Words of Karl Pilkington

If you are looking for one of the earlier books of funny Manchester bloke Karl Pilkington then this is the book that you should check out as it sort of relates to some of the antidotes that he told on the Ricky Gervais Podcasts all that time ago.   169 more words


Siem Reap- Featuring: A Birthday, A Beating, Salford Uni Reunion Part 1, Choking caused by Karl Pilkington & A Relationship With Beef.

While we were in Siam Reap we celebrated Sam’s birthday.  It’s amazing we get to celebrate while we are traveling; it feels like a real celebration. 1,198 more words

Comedy Book Corner - Karl Pilkington, More Moaning The Enlightened One Returns

If you are looking for a book that mixes comedy with geography then this is the book for you. Based on the popular Sky One show, Moaning of Life, the book takes an in depth look at the adventures of Karl Pilkington goes on in the show. 193 more words


The Moaning of Life, season 2

The Moaning of Life is a comedy travel TV show presented by Karl Pilkington. It has run 2 seasons. It’s available on DVD region 2/PAL. 374 more words
Jaime Pond

The Moaning of Life, season 1

The Moaning of Life (2013) is a comedy travel program hosted by Karl Pilkington. This is his first production without Ricky Gervais. It’s available for $2/episode (5 episodes total) on both… 820 more words
Jaime Pond