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Thirty years of British Comedy

Here we come…”

British Comedy and the even broader subject of British culture started for me with the Monkeeys. And it was a long fun journey since then. 792 more words

Review: An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington

An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington (2011)
Karl Pilkington
Rating: ★★★★
Started: 26 February 2013
Finished: 28 February 2013

This was sort of a spur of the moment read – mostly because I enjoyed the show, I thought I’d read the books too. 245 more words

Book Review

Karl Pilkington - The Philosophical Genius

“Kids are like farts in that way. They never seem to bother the owner as much as they bother everyone else.”

- Karl Pilkington


KARLOLOGY:What I've Learnt So Far (Karl Pilkington) by Geoffrey Valentine

Back in 2008 KP produced another cracking book filled with all the drivel we’ve come to love and expect.
Written in a first-person stream of consciousness style and filled with hilarious digressions and misguided observations, Karlology’s chapters each focus on a single trip by Karl to an exhibition or museum.In Karl’s never-ending quest for knowledge, each visit is an opportunity to explore a different area of academic interest, from science, to art to the human body.Each chapter recounts, first person, Karl’s confused, bemused and distracted response to the facts he is presented with. 157 more words

Book Reviews

Bad Dreams

Everyone thinks you should be happy.
It’s all about living the dream.
If you’re living the dream,
how do you 
know if you’re awake or asleep?

60 more words

Alphabet Cinema: "I" is for "An Idiot Abroad"

I want him to hate it. I want him to hate every minute of it for my own amusement. –Ricky Gervais

I was skeptical, at first, how free worldwide travel could possible be.

632 more words