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Can Trump Comprehend Facts? Is His Ego Just Too Big?

He’s CRAZY. He’s a sociopath. He is a pathological liar. He is an unapologetic plagiarist.

There are lots of derogatory things said about Trump, and whether you believe them or not, there is one that we should all be keenly focused on because it drives everything he says and does. 322 more words


The Strange Death of Liberal Wonktopia: Week 3, Day 2: Rove Vs. Bannon, The Tale of Two Enemies.

I was, perhaps, too curt about the how serious Steve Bannon is compared to the who most of the liberal and even neoconservative press portray him as being.   1,607 more words

I Was 100 Percent Wrong About Donald Trump

It’s been a decade or more since I’ve enjoyed watching election returns on TV. Republicans are always being told not to give up hope; the campaign is gaining momentum in the last week. 763 more words


Politics: Born Again Birther Party - reminder

In July 2008, a researcher “looking to dig up dirt on Obama” instead came across a birth announcement from 1961 in the Honolulu Advertiser documenting the birth of then-presidential candidate… 1,097 more words

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Report Voter Fraud: Call your Secretary of State

Report Voter Fraud: Call these numbers for your state


Widespread voter fraud is being committed in our nation and on a grand scale. Individuals and groups are reporting vote flipping, ballot stuffing, dead and illegals voting. 463 more words

Bush's Brain

A Republican political consultant does not see a viable path to victory for Donald Trump, pointing to crucial battle states where he is trailing behind in poll numbers. 324 more words


Election Worries

As the Trumptanic splits in two and sinks, the only question before us is how much of the Republican Party it drags to the bottom. It is extremely possible the Democrats could take control the United States Senate. 1,111 more words

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