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We Need to Talk About Paul Manafort

A couple months ago, when it looked like Trump was heading for a brokered convention, he brought on Paul Manafort to be his delegate wrangler. Manafort is the opposite of Trump in a lot of ways – quieter, less media-friendly, behind the scenes. 948 more words

Jeb! Didn't Want to be President

What follows is going to be some heady Freudian analysis, and let me start with the qualifier that I have literally no evidence to support my claim other than context and intuition. 1,287 more words

"Reince Priebus Has A Conundrum": How Donald Trump Trapped The Republican National Committee

On Fox News Sunday, Reince Priebus promised that Donald Trump will “bring an earthquake to Washington.”

At the least, he’s put the RNC chairman on shaky ground. 1,133 more words


How the F#&K Did We Get Here?

Let me start with a story. We’re in an election year, following 8 years of a Democrat in the White House and a GOP-run Congress. The presumptive Democratic nominee is an intellectual, elite, policy wonk who served under the incumbent President. 1,550 more words

If you really want to diminish a candidate, depict him as the foil of his handler. This is as old in American politics as politics itself. 8 more words

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"A Spectacularly Stupid Strategy": Why Trump’s 'Woman Card' Attack On Clinton Is Sheer Lunacy

I have no idea what kind of discussions go on when Donald Trump is talking to his campaign advisers, though I suspect there’s a lot of “You were terrific, Mr. 1,262 more words

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Public Citizen, et al. v. Federal Election Commission, et al.

There’s been some questions about that FEC case The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin keeps referring to in some of his court filings. Here’s the caption of the original complaint:The case number is 14-CV-148. 88 more words

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