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These 2 big-name Republicans just had some harsh words for Rand Paul

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Republican strategist Karl Rove both had some not-so-flattering things to say about Republican primary candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) Wednesday. 147 more words


KARL ROVE: Congress Is Finally Back on Track

Wall Street Journal: The new Republican leadership has ended the Reid-Pelosi dysfunction.

The dysfunctional Congress finally appears to be working again as the Founders intended. Lawmakers are negotiating, voting on bills and actually passing legislation. 70 more words


KARL ROVE: Attacking Hillary Won’t Be Enough for the GOP

Wall Street Journal: Her rollout has been odd and lackluster, but swing voters care more about vision and ideas.

To bond with “everyday” Americans, Hillary Clinton left her million-dollar Chappaqua, N.Y., mansion Sunday in the “Scooby-Do Mystery Machine” van, bound for Iowa. 68 more words


never willing to fight media and Democrats, like the enemies they are of God and country

There comes a time to say in light of 2012 election and the way Romney threw it, not for money like the Black Sox in 1919, but for cowardice on the part of the Republican Party. 282 more words

Karl Rove: Hillary Needs More Than an Image Makeover

Wall Street Journal: She is searching for a rationale to run, not seeking how best to present it to the public.

After Hillary Clinton left the State Department in early 2013, her favorable rating was 64% and her unfavorable rating 31% in an April 14 Gallup poll. 54 more words


Thomas B. Edsall: Will Infighting Help the Republicans in 2016?

New York Times: For the first time in recent memory, key members of the corporate establishment, including businesses with close ties to the Republican Party, have publicly defied social conservatives in nationally publicized confrontations. 116 more words


Was George W. Bush Scheduled to Meet With ‘Islamists Linked to the Muslim Brotherhood’ on 9/11?

The Blaze, by Erica Ritz,April 6, 2015:

Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project claims his organization has uncovered evidence that former President George W. Bush was scheduled to meet with “ 213 more words

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