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How GW Bush Stole the 2000 Election

Democratic elections have always been messy; democracy itself is inherently messy.  And there have probably always been shenanigans to be found in the process.  But the “election” of George W. 1,048 more words

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Karl Rove's Prophecy, by Karel Van Wolferen

A retired mainstream journalist, now a professor at a prestigious university, excoriates the mainstream media and has good words for the alternative media. He even says that conspiracy theories can be worthy of investigation, and not just dismissed as, well, conspiracy theories. 431 more words


OK, Let's Stop Using This Phrase

“Fake news”.

Culture, you’ve lost your right to use these words together.

We used to call this stuff “misinformation”, “tabloid journalism”, “hoaxes”, or just “lies”. Then 2016 happened, and the old-time press started calling internet bullshit “fake news”. 560 more words

Cover Letter Marketing Manager

Find links to articles for the best advice on jobs. Adler and Manson are personal injury attorneys in Kansas City with over 25 years of experience. 26 more words

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The Strange Death of Liberal Wonktopia: Week 3, Day 2: Rove Vs. Bannon, The Tale of Two Enemies.

I was, perhaps, too curt about the how serious Steve Bannon is compared to the who most of the liberal and even neoconservative press portray him as being.   1,607 more words