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"The George Costanza Defense": George W. Bush Didn't Just Lie About The Iraq War. What He Did Was Much Worse

None of the conservatives running for president want to be associated with the last Republican president — not even his brother (for whom stepping away is rather complicated). 1,074 more words


"Rat Bait": Beware Of Republicans Playing Games!

Because you may have missed this story over the weekend, here’s some important news for lefty critics of Hillary Clinton, via the New York Times… 339 more words


Rove: Jeb Bush will learn from Iraq flap

A top political adviser to then-president George W. Bush says Jeb Bush will learn the right lessons from this week’s series of shifting comments about the Iraq War… 169 more words


Karl Rove: The Democrats’ Baffling Behavior

Wall Street Journal — The Clintons misstep, Obama lashes out … Aren’t these people seasoned professionals?

The year isn’t half over, and already more than a few things in the Democratic political world have left me puzzled—and in some cases downright mystified. 72 more words


ISENSTADT and VOGEL: Jeb Bush vs. Karl Rove

Politico — They’ve had plenty of tangles over the years. Now, the two Republicans are rivals in the quest for GOP megabucks.

Jeb Bush was running for reelection as Florida’s governor in 2002 and needed the help of his brother, the president. 124 more words


Karl Rove Surrenders To Obamacare

Obamacare just found the most unlikely of allys.

In a recent Op-Ed piece for the WSJ, Karl Rove advises his Republican buddies that fighting to repeal Obamcare is a dead issues. 270 more words