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Book Review: Flight To Success

Words on Wednesdays

I originally intended to keep the Wednesday slot for book reviews and pondering on ideas and thoughts about my progress with writing my  first fictional novel, which has been in progress for a while now.

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Flight For Safety by Karlene Petitt

The accidents discussed in this novel are based on actual ones. Crew fatigue, reduced training, inexperienced instructors, pilots becoming dependent on the aircraft’s automation, and airline mergers so the upper airline management can profit at the expense of the employees are all actual problems airline pilots face. 252 more words

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Flight To Success - Review

The newest book by Karlene Petitt “Flight To Success” (FTS) is a significant departure from her previous works of fiction. FTS is based on a real life story, her story, so it is in part an auto-biography, but it is equally a discussion of a philosophy on living, and a self-help book full of useful and practical advice on achieving success against adversity. 323 more words

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Karlene will be on CNN tonight...

Hey Y’all,

Just wanted to let you know that our very good friend of the Blog World and frequent visitor of my site, Karlene Petitt will be on a guest tonight on the Piers Morgan Show, CNN 2100 EST discussing the missing Malaysian Flight 370. 86 more words


Flight For Safety

A few months ago I was lucky enough to read the novel “Flight for Control” by Karlene Petitt about the fictional fight for control of a major US airline, and the human factors and issues seen from the perspective of a real airline pilot. 634 more words

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A blog about a Book?

I have to set the stage for this book review.

You might want to know that I have been questioned (or “interrogated”) twice by officials of the PRC… 223 more words

Reunited (and united) with family and friends in the Empire State

As mentioned in the previous update on my blog, dated November 6, me and my brother traveled south to Florida instead of visiting family in the states of New Jersey and New York due to the storm Sandy. 2,358 more words