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The Voice of the MBTA Talks to Karlson & McKenzie

Frank Oglesby Jr. is the Voice of the T and you hear him everyday if you commute or ride the MBTA at all.

It came out that he is retiring so we asked how could Karlson & McKenzie try out for the job. 68 more words


Heather Asked The Show For Some Advice

Heather had an issue with her son Bobby and needed some advice which she never asks Kevin and Pete for.

The whole show was in on this one. 65 more words


The Delicious Grieving Senseless Survey

The woman on the phone sounded sweet but Kevin’s senseless questions made her turn to a dark side especially after she had to pause about a question related to a pet pig. 65 more words


IronE Singleton aka T-Dog From "The Walking Dead" Checks In with Karlson & McKenzie

IronE Singleton who played T-Dog on AMC’s The Walking Dead talked with the show this morning to promote Walker Stalker in Boston, which is The Walking Dead convention. 81 more words


Apparently Kevin Karlson Walks Funny

Kevin was walking yesterday was being flagged down by a concerned citizen.

Hear why she flagged him down and Kevin confirm her notion after talking with his wife. 53 more words


Pete Almost Has a Hole Filled...

Pete has an on going saga with filling a hole in his mouth that’s been there for awhile now.

He went to the dentist yesterday to get it filled and taken care of. 68 more words


The Auto Reply Senseless Survey

A question about out of office emails really got this guy fuming so he hung up on Kevin after slowly infuriating him to that point. … 64 more words