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Pete McKenzie Reviews Mac & Cheetos

Pete mentioned yesterday that he was going to go to Burger King to try the Mac and Cheetos on his way home and he did. … 128 more words


Pete McKenzie Plays Matchmaker For Metalhead Mike

Pete mentioned to Mike that there are many dating apps out there and claims he was a catch. Kevin disagrees.

A listener who has a daughter that work’s with Pete’s daughter, played a little game with each other over things Mike does and like. 122 more words


Aerochix Are Looking For Their Next Steven Tyler

Joni and Lisa, who play the roles of Joey Kramer and Joe Perry, are in the band Aerochix which is an all female tribute band of Aerosmith. 209 more words


The Experience Tattoo Senseless Survey

Kevin was calling folks at random, and today the random folk was a guy that had to answer a question of when was the last time he saved the day. 149 more words


Metalhead Mike’s Metallica Review

Kevin brought up the cool Metallica shirt Metalhead Mike was wearing that he purchased Friday night at the show which turned into a little debate over how much he cost. 158 more words


Pete Was Playing With Wood Over the Weekend

While everyone was recovering from Metallica or attending a graduation function of some kind, Pete was playing with wood at a lumber yard.

He was at Cape Cod lumber and talked to a guy wearing an old K&M t-shirt. 129 more words


Kevin’s Daughter Graduated!

Kevin attended his daughter’s graduation Saturday and no tears of enjoyment were shed. It was a circus trying to get a seat and to even get a picture or video of his daughter walking the stage. 193 more words