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K&M Recap Part of the Meat & Greet

The whole show was on hand for the Turkey Meat and Greet.

It was a great turnout and the people at CBS Scene helped us out immensely. 74 more words


Mountain's Leslie West Talk to K&M

Leslie West, the man behind Mississippi Queen from the band Mountain, checked into the show today to talk about his new album Soundcheck which is out now. 58 more words


Ernie the Elf Calls Tiffany

Ernie the Elf was back today and gave Tiffany a call after some of her co-workers didn’t like how bossy she was.

Hear how they dealt with each other if she was put back on the nice list. 53 more words


The Meat & Greet Senseless Survey

A listener from the Meat & Greet Tuesday night told Kevin how much he loves the Survey so we sent it out to him.

Was it a good one? 57 more words


K&M Pet Project: Sweetpea Animal Shelter

We talked to the Director and Founder Richard Clark of the Sweetpea Animal Shelter that tragically burned to the ground and lost everything including the precious animals they were caring for, except for about 5 of them. 73 more words


Pete Wants To Know: Do You Want The Pats To Go Undefeated?

K&M were tailgating at Rodman Ford before the big Monday Night Football game between the Pats and Bills.

Pete wanted to get the fans reaction if they wanted the team to go undefeated or not. 56 more words