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Kevin Karlson Has a Problem With Passwords

Kevin let us in on how he is having problem dealing with passwords online and specifically his banking password because of the security questions.

He has a problem remembering his mother’s maiden name because she had two different versions of it so he eventually changed it to something else. 101 more words


Jackson has FINALLY Started to Make Wedding Plans!

Jackson is starting his preparations for his wedding and already has a date set. This was big news to us on the show when it was mentioned in our morning meeting, after Kevin grilled him over whether his wife is satisfied with his income or not. 118 more words


The Judge Senseless Survey

After talking about some of the Senseless questions asked to the Supreme Court nominee yesterday, Kevin rang up a woman who could not believe anything Kevin was asking. 131 more words


What’s Up With Chuck: The Bartender Challenge

This week turned out to be What’s Up with Tim who plays in a foursome with Pete and Chuck at Fore Golf.

Pete got Tim on the phone to explain how this bartender challenge came about. 119 more words


Why is Kevin’s Wife Commenting on Men in Front of Him?

Kevin’s wife has commented twice in the past week about how good looking someone is and it threw Kevin off because she’s never done it before. 113 more words


The Shooting Spaghetti Senseless Survey

After a take 2 since the first call went to voice mail, Kevin was able to get a hold of a man who had a quick minute to take the survey. 156 more words


It Wouldn’t Be St. Patrick’s Day Without A Drunken Irish Spelling Bee!

Pete was at Howl At The Moon on St. Patrick’s Day and ran into a decent amount of listeners.

Of course with it being St. Patrick’s Day, the spelling was great and when we mean great, we mean drunk. 71 more words