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What Does the Karlson & McKenzie Show Have Planned for Vacation?

The show is taking some time off next week to recharge some batteries of the Super Bowl trip and the busy week after, so we learn what the guys will be doing during their time off to recharge. 125 more words


The Elevator Senseless Survey!

This guy was asked to be a part of the survey and with a little hesitation in his voice he agreed to partake.

From eating Mexican food that looks like it’s been ate, women losing weight by doing eyerolls, the yoga pose shoving hands full of cereal in your mouth and a cat thinks it will always be better than you are some of the questions that started to set off alarms in his head. 127 more words


What Happens When You Can’t Find A Seat at the Bar?

Pete was in the middle of a conundrum last night while going out to eat with his wife and buddy at the bar.

They walked in wanting to sit at the bar and noticed a nice spot but a man was refusing to budge from his seat after initially telling them he’d be 10 minutes. 78 more words


Jerk of the Week Alert! Man Steals Football From Little Pats Fan

There’s a story of a little Patriots fan that had a football thrown to players during the parade on Tuesday to celebrate the big Super Bowl win which was actually thrown back to him. 109 more words


Does That Make Me A Bad Person? Skipping Vacations and Flashing Pats Players

It wouldn’t be a week or two without asking listeners Does That Make Me A Bad Person?

The first guy that checked in asked if he was bad for skipping Valentine’s vacation to go snowmobiling instead. 110 more words


Get Senseless in the Snow with the Senseless Survey!

Carlos was the lucky(or unlucky depending on how you look at it) caller for the Senseless Survey today.

Kevin had him on the line for little while today from how many Girl Scout cookies are in a serving, what you like to meet the man behind the double cheeseburgers and Carlos even complemented Kevin on a question. 109 more words


Pete McKenzie Talks To Patriots Fans During the Parade

Pete was at the Pats Parade and ran into Trevor who called into the show the next morning after the Super Bowl claiming he was up all night after the game still partying. 84 more words