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UPDATE: Jonas Gray Called K&M Back

After what we will call “technical issues” and Jonas Gray was disconnected, he called back and talked to K&M. By the sounds of it, his stand up might need some work. 16 more words


Don't Call Kevin During His Favorite TV Show

Kevin was once again called by a scammer trying to gain access to his computer. Kevin knew better and gave him a piece of his mind. 6 more words

Karlson & McKenzie

"Unruly" Ralphie May on K&M

Ralhpie May stopped by the studio to promote his new Netflix series “Unruly” and was performing Friday night at The Wilbur. Listen to what he had to say. 6 more words


The Hang Up Edition of Senseless Survey

This guy tried to hang up on Kevin during the Survey but we called him back. Listen to his answers. 6 more words


Share Your Farts With Your Friends on the Fartners App

We told you yesterday about the “Fart In a Jar” Kickstarter that aims to collect farts from around the world.

Well, they may have just been one-upped. 266 more words


Madonna Needs A New Cape

Madonna was performing the other night and her cape caused her to fall pretty hard. K&M broke down what happened. 6 more words


Jonas Gray Hangs Up on K&M

We were scheduled to have Jonas Gray on the show to promote his comedy show. He called but it didn’t last long. Listen to what happened. 6 more words