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Kevin Broke Out The Magic 8 Ball For Some Important Questions

Kevin had a many questions that needed to be answered so he broke out the magic 8 ball.

From Marconi Awards to the Patriots, hear all the questions asked by the show. 53 more words


Does That Make Me A Bad Person? Probably Yes.

We had another edition of Does That Make Me A Bad Person today because well, there’s a lot of you bad people out there.

Today we were asked about a dump truck chicken story, a mini cooper carrying bedding, never picking up dog droppings, and throwing a banana peel out the window. 61 more words


Back That Senseless Survey Up

We had to redial another number after a woman hung up accidentally (we think) so we talked to another guy that was very perplexed by the questions but eventually hung up being asked about backing it up. 56 more words


Producer Jackson Went To Don Henley

The show sent Jackson down to the Don Henley show at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion last night.

Hear the audio he came back with including almost getting run over. 53 more words


Karlson & McKenzie Talk To Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer was on the show this morning to promote the new season of Bar Rescue and Kevin had plenty of questions for him since he’s watched just about every episode of the show. 59 more words


The "Insta-Gram" Senseless Survey

This guy was on the hook for awhile before he really had enough but was polite enough to say goodbye.

Kevin had to explain one of his last senseless questions to Pete. 59 more words


Karlson & McKenzie Talk To Boston Survivor Contestant Bret LaBelle

Bret LaBelle is a Boston Police Sgt. and is also a friend of Night Rocker Kenny Young.

He also is a huge Survivor fan and is now part of the new season premiering Wednesday Septebmer 21st. 77 more words