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Kids In The Hall Visit K&M

Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson of Kids In The Hall stopped by the show this morning. They’re performing at the Wilbur Wednesday night.

Part 2:

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The "17 Kids Named Pizza" Senseless Survey

This woman couldn’t find a way to say “bubbles” angrily but she did eventually hang up. Take a listen. 6 more words


Keith Lockhart Celebrates 20 Years With the Boston Pops!

Maestro Keith Lockhart stopped by the K&M Show to talk about being part of the Boston Pops for 20 years, Opening Night on Wednesday and Cha Chi doing a special Beatles night. 6 more words


Did You Waste Your Time & Money on Mayweather - Pacquiao?

K&M talked about the fight and Twitter reaction to the so-called “Fight of the Century”… which was more like the “Scam of the Century” according to their producer. 10 more words


Beards Are Dirtier Than....

A TOILET! Yes, folks and women who love beards, those things are filthy. Listen to this! 6 more words


The "Have You Ever Rubbed A Lamp Looking For A Genie?" Senseless Survey

She believed it was only going to be 30 seconds. Listen to how long she kept answering questions. 6 more words


This Woman Talks To Dead Rockers...

Linda Polley was on the show Friday and told us that she has spoken to dead rock stars like John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. Listen to what they’ve “spoken” about. 6 more words