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Mike Went to Hampton Beach For Go Topless Day

The show sent Executive Producer Mike to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire for Go Topless Day where women expressed themselves.

He ran into some women expressing themselves and asked them what the day means them. 71 more words


To Ask Or Not To Ask

That is the question Pete ran into while doing a webinar/conference call held nationally for our new texting system (which is great by the way because you can text the same number now you use to call us!) 84 more words


Ian's Senseless Survey

Kevin ran into a listener that had a question asked often about the survey from last Friday at The Scoreboard in Woburn.

Hear what Ian had to ask and the senseless questions Kevin had in store for today. 53 more words


SixX Strings: Providence Metal Fest is Ready to Melt Faces Once Again

The Providence Metal Fest will be coming to life once again this fall with a vengeance like no other!  A face melting fury will descend upon the country’s smallest state with an intensity far beyond its size. 636 more words


Did You Know It's Jackson's 2nd Anniversary On Karlson & McKenzie?

On Thursday, Jackson felt the need to tell everyone that it was his 2nd year anniversary on the show.

This annoyed the rest of the show and even the boss felt the need to bust Jackson’s chops about it. 66 more words


Is Kevin Insecure About His Car?

Kevin ran into a listener (who’s name is funny) leaving work yesterday and had a little chat about his car.

Does it sound like Kevin is insecure about it or just mad? 58 more words


The Doorbell Senseless Survey

This one was short but was packed with good Senseless questions Kevin was asking today including one about a doorbell that the crew loves.

Check out the survey and click play! 53 more words