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Vairagya Satakam, and detachment

In my philosophical pursuit, I came across Vairagya Satakam of Bhartrhari, which literally translates to mean ‘100 verses on detachment’. Personally, I find it to be a very powerful statement of disillusionment and detachment. 391 more words

Kasi Panchakam and Self Realization

Born and brought up in a somewhat conservative family, I had heard about Kasi even in my childhood.

Kasi is so much part of the tradition and culture that a ritual symbolic of pilgrimage to Kasi is part of… 453 more words

Karma Siddhanta

Understanding Dharma

Dharma is a word that is quite often used in different contexts to mean different things. It is seen, quite often, to be taking definition of ‘duty’. 91 more words

Karma Siddhanta


Indian Culture Series -9   DON’T WORRY, REST ASSURED !   As we have already seen, the standards ( Mind – Culture or Vaasanas )  achieved in a birth do not go waste on death, but will automatically  be carried forward to next birth, 359 more words
Indian Culture


Indian Culture Series -4 WHAT  YOU  SOW –  SO  YOU  REAP !   ( KARMA  SIDDHANTA ) ( the Infallible Law of CAUSE & EFFECT, or ACTION & REACTION ! 558 more words
Indian Culture

Transcending the mind

In my experience so far, the hardest challenge in life is to transcend one’s own mind. Mind acts (or rather pretends) as a friend, interpreting every happenings, and everything around me. 664 more words