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Aw. Nice.

You know when…

You force yourself out, cos you’re running out of electricity & gas – but then, everyone is super polite and well mannered to you! 53 more words

Diary Blogette

Your Season

Morning Word
Maybe it’s not your season to be in love with someone, maybe it’s your season to focus on loving yourself more. Maybe it’s your season to focus on your own growth. 119 more words


It Wasn't My Idea of Marriage 

So like who even cares. Why do I hafta walk through this aisle of pain, shame, grief and heartache. Who asked for this? My life would’ve been fine without him and his insecurities.

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The Balance of Caring.

Some people care only for themselves.

Some people only care for others.

However, we need both in conjunction, to have the greatest positive effect, and harness the greatest amount  of balance.



Hurting another can be harder
than being hurt yourself.
For the fear will consume you.
Of someone doing to you,

What you once did to them.

– CMC –


Keep The Person That

Morning Word
Keep the person that speaks to the King or Queen in you. Having someone beside you who makes you feel like you can accomplish anything in the world, is the best kind of person to have in your life. 89 more words


Bling Crosby Bubble Bar

You can’t imagine how excited I was for this Lush Kitchen exclusive to arrive. It was the first item I ever ordered from there. I had always hesitated because shipping to Germany is so expensive. 170 more words