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My mother told me about his
stroke one night
when I was
in my dorm room at
While the rest of campus was
off partying and… 211 more words


Karma: Classic & Classic Charmed Bracelet Prototypes.

Prototypes of the Classic and Classic Charmed bracelets.

Clean Energy- Featuring Amethyst and Onyx Stones

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, helping one with their inner strength. 58 more words


What is Karma anyways?

“Everyone has heard of karma, but hardly anyone knows how it works. The Sanskrit word karma has gained mainstream acceptance today and found a place in the English dictionary. 1,642 more words


Just another day, right? There will be many Tuesdays. But never will there be another Tuesday like this one.

“What goes around, comes around”. You all have heard it before.

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Let's Talk About This Thing Called Karma...

Karmathe spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). It’s that principle/ law that is invoked when something similar to what has been dished by a person befalls the person (usually of the horrible kind). 816 more words

Chinma Eke

Spiritual Master foresees death of City solicitor Edward Parkes in taxi accident.

Free Spirit also warned Harcus Sinclair of catastrophic financial consequence and they ignored him. They continued trying to abuse him, lie about him, ruin him and send him to prison.He then foresaw a City solicitor being killed in a taxi accident. 545 more words

Harcus Sinclair Solicitors

Power Places Tours v Free Spirit Legal Defence

Power Places Tours v Free Spirit Legal Defence.

Free Spirit’s justifications for his whistleblowing about Harcus Sinclair as well as the background to the Power Places Tours v Free Spirit case is detailed here in the defence. 226 more words

Harcus Sinclair Solicitors