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Feeling Thankful!

Three years ago I was put through some crazy experiences. Those were the worst possible situations I have ever been in. Now that I’m in this time and place, I realize that if none of the things I was forced into had happened, I would absolutely not be where I am today. 64 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

how to TALK TO REALLY MAD PARENTS (aka my saradong christianong mom finding my tarot cards and how to convincingly say sorry)

I grew up in the Philippines, with your typical roman catholic god fearing household. which means my parents expect me in church, my mom prays the rosary – oh and oh yeah, anything related to the intuitive, tarot cards, crystals, energy healing, oracle cards, astrology, fengshui, you damn name it son, are pretty much the works of the devil. 1,051 more words



Truth is, if you are like me, you never want to hurt anyone. You never do it intentionally anyway. However, sometimes you have no other option. 237 more words



Today I woke up with the most gratitude I have ever felt my whole life. In fact I actually felt bad for complaining about my situations at all. 169 more words

Life Advice

परखता तो वक्त है कभी हालात के रूप मे कभी मजबूरीयों के रूप मे

*परखता तो वक्त है*

*कभी हालात के रूप मे* ,

*कभी मजबूरीयों के रूप मे* !!!


Right way of living

For some life is ? For some life is to live till you breath for some life is a journey for some life is to do everything possible and live for others . 80 more words

GOP's Tax Plan Ultimate Goal...

Fight and Defeat the GOP tax scam to Preserve Liberty for All and Defeat Tyranny.

The Republicans have designed a tax plan whose long-term aim is simple: 446 more words