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I let

The little things

In life bug me the most

The tiny small everyday stuff

Of life..

Astrology, Karma and Destiny…

Astrology or Jyotish is the Divine science of light. The word Jyotish comprises of the words “”Jyot” which means light and “Ish” which is for Ishwar or the Divine. 621 more words



Wrapped in only a light blanket I feel instantly frozen as I fall into the snow.

The cold stings my lungs to their core making each breath somehow more impossible than the last. 188 more words


Bad Luck, Superstitions, Bad Karma, Jinxes & Poetic Justice

Is it bad luck NOT to tell your friend you observed a shadow-man in their home? Rodney Hom & Dr. Cathleen McCarthy share their final personal stories, revealing the unexpected and supernatural consequences of exploring the dark unknown in this podcast series. 29 more words


A Complicatedly Simple Model of Karma.

The Devil promises to teach us how to get everything we want. God promises to teach us how to get everything we need. Being human is about learning what the difference is. 412 more words



“One night of pleasure, nine months of pain.” that’s what mama used to say.

“Never trust a man. The only thing you can trust, is a ‘Trust’ condom.” 2,042 more words

Understanding Karma Yoga - Gita Jayanti

Today happens to be Bhagavad Gita Jayanti. On this very day, approximately 5100 years ago, one of the most important scriptures were gifted to this planet. 695 more words