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Spring Forward – Fall Back

Nasty old Verna Equinox – AKA Mother Nature – has been toying with us this year.  She’s promised us since March the 21st that it’s Spring, but, like a drunken bar pickup, it’s a lot of talk, and very little action. 490 more words

That's Life

A Busy Night's Dreaming

Last night I had a very busy night’s dreaming which, first of all, tells me that tensions are building up in the web of life. In these dreams it was made clear to me that a number of people are not taking me or “the situation” seriously. 383 more words


Deal 249: Tea thief and Karma

The old man came to town again, right as I expected. By some coincidence, the weekly train from upstate was in town this morning, and would likely be unloading until tomorrow. 190 more words


Open letter to bullies

To all the hurtful hateful bullies:

Watch your words and stop your treason.

For the way you are acting, there is no reason.

There are consequences in this world. 127 more words


Licking the bottom

When the farce of the known reality

Becomes visible

When that realization

Slowly infiltrates in the bone marrow of our own quantum existence

To us life ends… 73 more words



Protected in his crystal palace

he inspects the world around him

A self-appointed King

his pleasure is borne

on the backs of his subjects

Resolute in their mission… 60 more words


Reap What You Sow

Is it true? What goes up must come down

The things you do comes back around

When you’ve betrayed someone’s trust is it true that someone might just try that on you? 90 more words