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Someone Nice

Morning Word
It’s nice to have someone you can celebrate small victories with when you have been losing for such a long time. It’s nice to have someone who can make you forget all the pain you have been through when their love comes at the right time. 144 more words


The law of karma

I used to be religious.  Not any more. My spirituality waxes and wanes.  The philosophy I have subscribed to over the years has changed from “Vishishtadvaitam” (“special oneness”) to “Advaitam” (oneness) to nihilism to the current I-don’t-care-a-dang-about-philosophy-ism.   422 more words


The Side...The Other.

Have we all at some point been the other woman? My skepticism of the other woman has always gotten me thinking that maybe we all have been that woman at some point in life, that we have been that woman who some of us loathe and find distasteful. 562 more words


Remembering the Future

Or As Linear Time Dissolves…

Remember is a word that is derived in the Old English and the Latin – forceful mindfulness.

In our culture remembering involves events that have already happened so remembering the future is an oxymoron. 1,272 more words


Wanting to be Right

Given the experimentally verifiable reality of impermanence one of the most bizarre of all human desires is wanting to be right, yet for some it is such a strong desire. 399 more words


Krishna's help to Arjuna

Listener: Sir, you said Krishna got the right to poke his nose(…) But when we study the text, we find that Krishna also poked the nose only when the other person sought his advice, moreover surrendered to him. 2,460 more words


Karmic Wheel of Life

As I look back I do see patterns in life. I do not always see them quickly but when I do I take note. I recall two such incidents where I was poorly treated and both men came back and attributed it to what they did to me. 474 more words