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Agape Love

Morning Word,
We have all been there before. Left broken hearted to pick up a million pieces by ourselves. We have all gone over in our mind things we could have done differently with someone that could have lead to much different results. 146 more words


Teaching the law of Dharma to the ISIS

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Spoiler alert: This essay is committed to making a point in gravitas, which I have understood can only be done by not expressing myself in emojis or the texting slang language.   994 more words

Struggling Humanitarian

Karma @ Work

To kill is to commit suicide. By killing another for whatever the reason, the assassin’s own heart and soul dies first. When for the first time one attempts to pull the trigger or strike a deadly blow upon another, it shall result into consequences. 625 more words

The Web

Composed 3/27/15
Description: “… and just watch him hang himself on his web of lies!”

Silk strings trail behind you
To trip and tangle, choke and bind… 123 more words


missing you like crazy....

Ok girls – you know when you’re in love (and i mean, like over the moon, heart fluttering can’t think about anything else in LOVE) and you see a crumpled shirt of your guys laying on the floor (cause really, you know it’s laying on the floor) and you pick it up and instead of thinking “wish he’d pick up his damn shirts” you bring it up slowly to your nose, close your eyes and just inhale the amazing scent that is him and only him? 561 more words


The Narcissist Losing Control....

It has been sad that when a narcissist is exposed with his games, lies, manipulations and slander – that in their mind it becomes war. It’s literally like they feel as if they need to fight for their life! 499 more words

Karma Laws Course Reviews & Download

Karma Laws Course Reviews & Download. This law describes the concept that what you put into something is what you will get back from it. The more positive energy you put out there the more positive energy you will receive back. 97 more words