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“Traditional science, with its conventional reasoning, wasn’t enough to enter the world of the “unseen,” like water and “Hado” …My fearlessness allowed me to jump in” ( 7 more words



You will mess up a blessing if you are not prepared for it. Whether that blessing be a great opportunity or a great person, You can mess that up by being selfish and not getting out of your own way. 72 more words



Because this is exactly the sort of message you send to someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Yes. I was diagnosed two weeks ago. 244 more words

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Law #3 - The Law of Karma or Cause and Effect

Continuing on with our series, despite my difficulty adopting Law #2 (I still find it hard to remember to give everyone I meet some kind of gift; maybe I’m over thinking this), the next Spiritual Law of Success is the Law of Karma (or the Law of Cause and Effect). 519 more words

A Woman's Guard

Morning Word
A part of her really does want to give love another chance. But between her last few failed relationships, and there being a drought in qualified men that she has to choose from, she just finds it easier to stay to herself until the moment feels right. 116 more words


Beauty is only skin deep

I know some beautiful women. Some amazing, breathtaking, awe inspiringly beautiful women. I’m talking about the women that they ARE, not how they appear on the surface. 135 more words


Regret or Love?

In last few months, heard news of immature sudden death of my ex-colleagues or their close kin. The persons whom we took for granted as if they would ever exist to irritate, love, hurt, smile, etc are now gone, visible only in memories and news. 76 more words