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50 Shades of Earl Grey Crème...

Wanted: A naughty cup of tea with a bergamot bite.

I’m on my knees.

I’m begging for relief.

Aching for that particular and distinct pleasure that only a true acolyte of the libatious arts can attain. 481 more words

Crisis DuJour

Think You Have Bad Luck?

Think again.

I’ve dealt with my fair share of adversity in life just like everyone else. I also understand there are many other people in the world who “appear” to have it worse than I. 914 more words

Musings on Karma and Hell on Earth

I’m in a good mood today. No change that I’m in a great mood. I got up late sure but I guess I needed the sleep. 1,332 more words

Death - Overrated or Underrated ?

We are all going to die. All stars are going to fall. All this blooming greens will face the reality of ‘fall’.

A droplet, whether in a stagnant pond or a flowing river or in an ocean have to face the summers and reach the sky. 844 more words


Brand New Day

Stop beginning your brand new days with yesterday’s problems.



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_… 25 more words


Filthy Dreams's GIF Review: Alex Da Corte's "C-A-T Spells Murder" At Karma

Why hello there, dearest Filthy Dreams readers! Are you ready for another installment of our GIF reviews? This time, we’re looking at Alex Da Corte… 118 more words


Paying it forward for Karma

This post goes back to one of my first posts – What to donate Time or Money

Recently I got back from a 2nd stint of working with an orphanage – … 196 more words