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Karma-Moral-Egoism (2 of 5)

It would actually be a severe reproach if one were able to maintain that anthroposophy prompts people to develop moral action not out of sympathy and compassion but out of fear of punishment. 360 more words


Karmic Potholes

Temptations are Karmic ‘potholes’ which are detrimental to one’s Karmic evolution.

There are temptations that can influence the minds of even very highly intelligent and educated people. 776 more words


When There's a Prick, I Start to Chant

The Buddhas : There you are again.

UN : You got me there. I’m in pain. Thus my chanting intensifies.

The Buddhas : And you don’t chant as intensely when not in pain.  248 more words

Gentle Ways to be Encouraged to Pay your Library Fine

I was back in Vancouver, and making my rounds through the libraries to snatch up books I’d put on hold while I was away. It was going pretty well — #1 on the list was The Vital Question in preparation for a book club meeting I had in a few days — but it was the hard cover (heavy and bulky). 803 more words


Acceptance (and karma)

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

571 more words
Personal Development

Texts From Boy

It would seem that karma has reared her beautiful head.

It took 17 years but something about my son getting a job washing dishes and taking out trash is just so….beautiful?…poetic? 18 more words


Fate and Free Will

Astrology does not only deal with the inner psyche, the outer manifestations, the possible life circumstances, forecasting, and etc., in fact, when reading astrological literature, a very specific branch that deals with karma and re-incarnation grasps my attention immediately. 902 more words

Astrology Notes