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karma made you look again

down a street

and held on the fortunes

and lasting on the aspect

and for the swing

and made on the practice

and its own shadow of a photo finish… 41 more words


Last Saturday, me and two friends went to visit a center for people who face challenges with their vision. The aim of the visit was to know more about this segment of the community as we are planning to volunteer as organizers in a series of athletic games for this segment. 750 more words

Releasing the Dragons

The Good Dragon and the Bad Dragon

(photo cred: dragoart, mayan ouroboruos)

Their story is the usual good and bad theme, but what if good and bad, becomes our greatest strength.   288 more words


Magical, Revelations Get Expressed-Sep27

Snapshot: Around noon on Tuesday we can expect to have some revelations pouring through and we may speak them out before we even realize it. Or they could come to us from someone else. 517 more words


Relationships Normally End How They Begin

I’ve written on this subject before, however I thought I would refresh some memories. Most relationships end according to how they begin. Many people get into relationship by cheating with someone who is already in a relationship. 529 more words

A Destiny

There is no magic balm to smear on the forehead

Wishing to expunge the fate that has been inscribed

Vague emotions are not enough to ameliorate¬†life… 88 more words