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Morning Word
The reason he seems uninterested is because he just doesn’t want you like that. Let me tell you something about men, we go after what we want. 194 more words


Krötenleut und Storchenbeute

Neulich bin ich auf dieses Gedicht gestoßen:

Der leichtfertige Frosch 256 more words

So, Do You Think You Are Clever?

So, Do you think you are clever?
Do you walk with your hand held high?

So, Do you think you are better than me?
Do you like how easy I am? 245 more words


In Which the Narrative Changed

One day, I learned about the hashtag craze on Twitter, called #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou, illuminating all the forms and disguises that domestic abuse can take.

I read a few, and was shocked at how heavily it resonated with me. 798 more words


Decision-making - Everything is a happening!


Should I stay here in the US or go back to India? Should I sell my home or keep it and rent it out and return back to the US in a few years? 886 more words


Do We Ever Really Die?

It may seem like a simple answer. There is a part of the mind that instantly thinks “of course we do, everyone dies”. You’re born, grow up, become an adult, have a family, grow old if you are fortunate enough, then you die. 354 more words

My Perspective