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Matured Love

Morning Word
When your love matures, what you need from love matures with it as well. The person you are looking for at 25 will not be the same person you are looking for at 35. 123 more words


Signs and Ex-es.

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I was hungry, and restless but too tired to cook up any surprises and very much in need of some crisp air, and Lara’s lazy frame glued to the sitting room cushion, surrounded by a jar of pringles and 1 litre Coke bottle with eyes fixated on the Africa Magic movie she was watching, didn’t offer too many promises of a lunch-full afternoon. 1,274 more words

Life After Death

While I am not a devout Buddhist, I still regard Buddhist ideas and beliefs in a high manner. Two beliefs I have been taught to acknowledge are rebirth and karma, both of which are briefly related. 417 more words


There was a time when you and I were unafraid of life, a time of fearless creation, our love bloomed in such a preservative.

Randomness is a hellish fever, slamming sanity against confusion, what was left given to those who feast from others dreams. 28 more words

By Ori Aander


What goes around, comes around

What you do will come back to you

You’ve heard it all, time and time again

But what could I have done… 72 more words


Can animals get enlightened?


If in a non-human life form you don’t do things that are out of your nature and do only things as a part of that life, how can it be that Raaga(likes)/Dvesha(dislikes) had developed becoming the seed for a next life? 422 more words


Stephanie & Matthew's Maui Proposal - by Karma Hill Photography

Stephanie & Matthew officially got engaged last week and we were to happy to be there for this Maui proposal! Matthew had it all planned out with photography, a musician, his family there for love and support, and even the lovely Maui minister, Tino Rosete there to say some special words for the lovebirds. 73 more words