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Standing on my soapbox, empathy is not a dirty word. 

I have a confession to make, I get really frustrated by judgements. I know, I know, that in of it self is judgemental, I guess. But why is karma a bitch? 600 more words


"Monopoly of Life: Here's to Rolling Double Sixes"

Life is a game. We each choose our game pieces, roll the dice and see how far our numbers take us. We earn a little, earn a lot, pay our taxes, our fines, buy some commodities, or lose it all. 126 more words

Cosmic Tidbits

Maui Senior Portraits - by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

Meet Mia, she is a gorgeous, well spoken, smart and funny high school senior who I had the opportunity to spend some time with last week! 92 more words

Cosmic Justice

Nietzsche said there’s no way for human beings to suffer without exerting some sort of revenge. To him, even complaining already carries the bitter mark of vengeance. 502 more words


Perfectly Imperfect

I don’t believe in perfection, no one is perfect.  If you’re human, you have faults.  Period.  That said, why do so many people strive to be something that they’re not capable of?  152 more words

Self Help

Karma or just plain bad luck?

Haven’t posted for a while and it was due to being a little low for a number of silly reasons. But picking myself up again after 3 days of feeling sorry for myself I got Lily and I ready and off we went to visit a farm and sit out in the sun. 213 more words


Sadness + Happiness = Life.

You want happiness right? I know you do..Of course you do! Even I do. Everyone does. After all that’s the sole of motive of living? Isn’t it? 475 more words