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Delighting In The Demise Of Others

Yesterday, I read an article about a certain celebrity and his impending divorce. Most of the article was discussing how he and his wife had been married for five years and had two children. 769 more words

The Tina Fite Project

Right way of living

Get up and start, but before starting a little pause , be considerate, think twice and be cautious cause once the work is done without being cautious then with the work done whatever harm we have done to others will also be counted along with the good work done law of nature is for each and every being we cannot be escaped-from the harm we do to the other beings


Hey guys! So today was our Friday, and I’m super thankful because today straight up sucked. Today was another one of those days that those of us in customer service know very well. 246 more words

Math 17 and the AfterMath

Despite the scorching heat of the summer sun that has the capacity to deactivate some of my brain cells, the month of April reminds me of some treasured memories. 2,241 more words


Karma payback!


JGD Didi, If I do my best to overcome my own raagas and dveshas and not create agami karma towards person A and I am successful. 402 more words


KARMA YOGA : Transform Your Life With Every Action

Instead of carving time out of each day for spiritual practice, make your whole life a spiritual practice with Karma Yoga. 

We are each born with a unique purpose (svadharma) and when we live this purpose, our life has meaning and we feel content. 371 more words

By Eaden Shantay

My farewell to this blog and to Ra (the back story)

So, as you can see, my relationship to Ra started from my being a client…all the way back in 2012. My first reading was a natal chart consultation and it was interesting because he accidentally put in the wrong birth time for me so we had to do the consultation again. 685 more words