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when all the love dies

When all the love dies and there’s no one left

Where do you turn

When the only person who can see your worth

Is paid to do so… 26 more words


Being Happy

Good relationships make you feel powerful but, bad relationships make you feel powerless. The wrong person will drain you long before you even start your day but, the right person will help keep you replenished in love from sunrise to sunset. 91 more words


Are Karma and Sin Inventions?

Some inventions bring pleasure and “fun”, others do not at first appear to. A rational hedonist might think that Karma and Sin are notions even inventions made up by some kill-joy priests to stop people doing whatever they want, when they want to. 472 more words



The 48th week of 2015 is teeming with numeric patterns and sequences, and is perhaps the most powerful week of the year. Both 4 and 8 are manifesting energies, but there are distinct differences between them. 1,488 more words


It is love, it is fateĀ 

This picture gave me thoughts that were unfathomable.. I know zilch about love but all i know is that it is fate..
Love is everywhere but you need a heart to feel it..you can see all colors around you yet you can grasp in only some.. 131 more words



I’ve been thinking.

Right now, I don’t know if the things she said to me are true.
Because of that one fatal lie.

Like I said, she lied to me numerous times about one topic. 899 more words


What is Karma ?

This article is about Understanding “Karma” or knowing what is “Karma” as per the Hindu Philosophy?

“Karma” in its simplest term is “Action” only. Any action that we do with our body & mind is termed as “Karma” but the word “Karma” has a much greater significance as per the Hindu Philosophy than just simple meaning as “Action”. 44 more words