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You're The Master of Your Own Destiny

Anger, The Poison

The escalation path starts with negative emotions like anger. These negative emotions give rise to negative actions, these create suffering for others that will eventually have the karmic result of our own suffering. 461 more words

The Law Of Cause & Effect, part 3

In Dependence Upon Others

The mechanism of Karma really comes down to a simple statement:

If your action causes harm to others then the karmic result is your suffering.

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Sometimes People Suck

I feel grumpy.

I feel unsettled.

Frankly, I feel kind of dirty.


Something I witnessed while I was out walking the dog earlier.

Here’s what happened. 253 more words

Other Thoughts

Thank you for stopping by my Blog !

To ban the ghosts of my past and to finally live MY LIFE, I had to do something…

And that is the reason, why I am starting this Blog. 1,470 more words


Trip Hawkins Talking...

From an interview with Trip Hawkins. He’s talking about game devs being frustrated with frequently-evolving hardware formats, but we kinda like the pull quote better out of context. 6 more words

Trip Hawkins

Song of the Day

Tep No – Karma , You Got Owned

This is a really fun song to be listening to when driving around.


Freddy the Farmhand

Originally posted:  4/21/14

Freddy (I got his name, and I see him in overalls, farm work clothes.  I’m standing with him in the hayloft of a barn) 366 more words