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Morning Word
I get it. Once you have been hurt, it gets harder opening yourself back up to love again. All you can think about is someone taking advantage of you all over again. 211 more words



The tears I cried for days,

soon accumulated

into a small pond.

Wildflowers started to

sprout like weeds around

the crystal clear water.

Trees, grass, and daisies… 49 more words


Why is everyone looking for Moksha? Doesn't it contradict god's will?

Moksha is an idea found predominantly in Indian philosophy. And Indian philosophy is largely atheistic — it has very little to do with god.

Let us define Moksha. 366 more words


4 Articles To Inspire Hope

Ethical Fashion Meets Refugee Empowerment – An article about a company ‘From Found’ written by Ethical Unicorn that explains the ethos behind the brand’s values and ethos in employing and empowering refugee’s and why it is important. 148 more words

What Inspires Me

How does your religion justify the suffering of innocents? Is it justified?

In my experience as a Hindu, usually Karma is brought in to explain the suffering of innocents. Of course, this is actually a non-explanation because by saying that the suffering of an innocent is a result of their own past actions, we are implying that the said person is not actually innocent. 245 more words


Karma's a ...

My oldest daughter is nortorious for taking squatty flipping pictures. Even in Hawaii she had to get one – with the majestic ocean waves. Funny thing is, the ocean didn’t like her jester and tossed her about, slammed her into rocks and tried to drown her soon after this shot.