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The ghosts of Hope's past, present, future

When I was 20 I was engaged to a guy that was so not right for me. Matt. Of course, everyone but me could see it. 905 more words


This Man Tried To Violate A Woman In The Elevator, But He Got A Taste Of His Own Karma!

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The CCTV camera is a big help to all the establishments for it captures the whole happening within the day. Whenever there is a crime, it can help identify and solve the mystery. 11 more words

Mr. Goose

Mr. Goose

by L. Stewart Marsden

The other day I had an experience that reminded me how rude those in positions of authority can be when they wield such power. 516 more words


“Karma, My Cajun Heritage, and the Chip Confession”

So, it must be a gift left to me from my Cajun heritage or something that I can eat just about anywhere; be it in a chair, at a table, on a bed, standing up, in the car, and am fine with it. 496 more words

Let's Laugh!

Self Esteem Issues

Morning Word
So many people battle with self esteem problems everyday. So many people think that the cure to getting over their self esteem issues is being loved by someone else. 183 more words


She will suffer too, you fool.

Yes, I feel pitty for your girlfriend. Why? ‘Cause she will suffer exactly as I did when you left. And guess what? You are a fool. 307 more words