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The Karma of Influences


Crowd of friends from the street, ghetto, hood, club, block, or other.

Urban Dictionary Online

With whom do you hang? Who are your homies? What is your ‘hood like? 283 more words


New Moon Solar Eclipse 2/26/17

The New Moon is always an intuitive phase. Set the best most hope full intentions because under this New Moon Solar eclipse , the tone will be set for the new few months ahead. 216 more words

Pamela Morse reblogged this on mermaidcamp and commented:

Tune in to the eclipse. Go inward for the answers.

Philosophy Time: Should Kindness Be Rewarded?

Should kindness be rewarded? I think it should, but life is not about what should happen. Life will happen weather or not we want it to. 14 more words

My room is a mess, so is my mind.

“My room is a mess.  A complete and utter mess.”

I mumbled this to myself as the early morning light began drifting over my room spotlighting every thread of clothing scattered about.  492 more words


Jumping Through The Ring of Fire Eclipse

by Natalie Miller

 Today, Sunday, February 26th will see a “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse.  It’s called so because the moon is too far from Earth to obscure the sun completely, leaving the sun’s edges exposed, thus creating the “ring of fire” effect. 353 more words


Treatise on the Wisdom of Living in the Now

I read this recently and found it a wonderful treatise on mindfulness, present-centeredness, and living more in the now. Although this too is a WordPress post, and I have reblogged Buddhism Now posts in the past, I wasn’t able to do it the usual way this time. 813 more words


Someone Special

Morning Word
Having someone whose “love” will never leave, has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’s amazing how someone can see the madness behind your flaws and still want to be a part of your life. 149 more words