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Parenting and the Karmic link between generations

When my son (who at the time of writing is 4 years old) was born, I felt connected with the vastness of eternity in a way that I had never felt before. 620 more words


Lesson Learned

In hindsight, i shouldn’t have done what i did. If i was capable of regrets, i’d say this would be my biggest of them all. But i’m not; so like everything else unpleasant that happened in my life, this would also be filed under the “lessons learned” part of my brain and do what i do best – move on. 677 more words

The Absolute Law of Karma

“I hope Karma slaps you in the face, before I do!!( for what you’ve done to me)”

I am sure, when someone was rude to you, made you look bad in front of your peers, hurt you or did something unacceptable.

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Mere karmic appearance of mind

There are two complementary ways to approach this subject of emptiness (carrying on from here). One is understanding that things don’t exist from their own side. 896 more words

New Kadampa Tradition

Critical or Pivotal Lifetimes

As people develop lifetime after lifetime, they will eventually encounter a critical or pivotal lifetime. This lifetime is by way of a “make or break” lifetime. 231 more words


You´re always alone, no matter how much you give.

Hello everyone, after a long while of not posting I´m here once again.
Not sure that anyone reads this to begin this, but even so there´s something about writing my thoughts down and putting it here that does something for me -shrugs- 420 more words

The You Beyond You

Who are “you”?

We answer this question most often by offering our name, our professional title, our nationality, belief or some other identifying label. But are any of things who we are? 448 more words