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I Played Mario Kart VR And It Was Pretty Okay

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Mario Kart Arcade GP VR isn’t a game that you can buy, but a virtual reality installation in Bandai Namco’s VR Zone attraction in Shinjuku, Tokyo. 810 more words


SGB Rallye, maiuscola prestazione per Angelo Antonino Minnì nel secondo gran premio kart Città di Nicosia

Ha certamente lasciato il segno il pilota di Agira Angelo Antonino Minnì, portacolori della scuderia nebroidea SGB Rallye, alla seconda edizione del gran premio Città di Nicosia specialità Kart, e non solo per aver ottenuto il miglior giro assoluto in gara. 262 more words

SGB Rallye protagonista nello slalom a Custonaci e sui kart a Riesi

Impegno su due fronti, lo scorso weekend, per la scuderia nebroidea SGB Rallye impegnata tra i birilli con la 14esima edizione dello Slalom Città Internazionale dei Marmi – Custonaci, gara con validità di Coppa Aci Sport e campionato regionale di slalom e tra i kart con una gara regionale. 222 more words


More practice on track Jack vs Arun

Jack was on track today with Arun both getting practice in ahead of the next championship race this week.

30 minutes of trading fastest laps and both getting new personal bests on reverse track.


State of the Switch, Six Months In

Well that went by quickly.

As the Nintendo Switch was gearing up for its March 3rd 2017 launch, the consensus among jaded followers of the videogame industry was that however much hype the system seemed to be gathering, and indeed however many units Nintendo managed to move in that opening weekend, we wouldn’t really have a decent idea of the Switch’s success until it had passed the three-months-on-the-market milestone – which, pertinently, was roughly the time warning bells started to sound for its predecessor, the Wii U. 3,907 more words


5ος Αγώνας Πρωταθλήματος Karting 2017 | Αναβολή λόγω ανωτέρας βίας

Ένα αναπάντεχο και λυπηρό γεγονός συνέβη το βράδυ της περασμένης Τρίτης (29/08). Συγκεκριμένα εκδηλώθηκε μεγάλη πυρκαγιά στις εγκαταστάσεις της πίστας καρτ “Kartodromo Αφιδνών”, η οποία κατέστρεψε αποθήκες με αγωνιστικό εξοπλισμό και προξένησε βλάβες σε υποδομές της εγκατάστασης.


Catalog: Supercupa României la karting electric

La cerere se poate furniza catalogul electronic (format PDF) cu fotografiile realizate la eveniment.

Download Catalog PDF (ziua 1): 20170819-Catalog-Karting-Ziua1.pdf
Download Catalog PDF (ziua 2): la cerere