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Driving on Walls

Decided to neaten my palette up and get all of the assets out of the way. There are 13 assets there. I made 1 bridge, used 4 BSP brushes, 1 asset for water, 2 assetS for lava, and used 3 types of foliage. 227 more words


Is It Cheating If You Teach Your Kart To Fly Like This?

(Source: blackflag.jalopnik.com)


Looks like a race in Canada went full Mario Kart over the weekend—not only does one kart leap straight over a competitor, it sticks the landing and keeps cruising! 119 more words


I Need More Ram

I played with World Textures and changed the way they are being applied. They are a little less reflective now and use their height maps. Unfortunately, it seems like the roads aren’t bumpy, but they are less reflective. 236 more words


Tinkering with Light, also a Bridge

Today I mostly tinkered with the light and vehicle settings. The light still didn’t turn out the way I liked and the vehicle isn’t driving the way I like, haha. 279 more words


Finished Volcano

Another productive day. Aside from everything that’s obviously changed. I did some cleanup, mostly fixing past mistakes. The volcano is finished, it turned out quite a bit better than I expected. 340 more words


More Trees and Half a Volcano

What a day, big update. Lots done today. Basically, the middle strip of the island got a makeover. I had forgotten my LightMassImportanceVolume previously so the quality of the light has changed a little for the next set of photos.  185 more words


VRacer Project

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve decided to really dig into Unreal Engine 4.  I’ve had 3D modelling experience almost 15 years ago and have used UDK and UE4 almost 3 years ago. 140 more words