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The Grilled Meat Bond

Tonight, Kasey and I are bonding. She likes meat cooked over a fire, and so do I.

Tonight, we are recreating the early days of the human-canine connection. 63 more words


Speaking Dogese

Researchers in Hungary have found evidence that dogs do process and, to a certain extent, understand human speech.  Using brain scanning technology, the researchers determined that the right parts of canine brains process words and the left parts process pitch, the same way that human brains work.   291 more words


Slowing Down

I’m sorry to report that our dog Kasey seems to be slowing down.  That’s OK — it’s what happens to old dogs, and to old people, too.   326 more words


Competition Bridgeport 

Pics from the bugler’s hall of fame championships in Bridgeport, CT



They sent me this on the first night I was sick. I ended up in bed for about a month and in the hospital !! You can see John wasn’t feeling well either! 6 more words


Dog Signage

The umbrella girl fountain is a favorite spot in Schiller Park for many German Villagers.  Water drips from the umbrella into the basin, making a pleasant splashing sound, and the fountain is ringed by benches and large shade trees that make the area cool even on hot summer days. 77 more words