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A Big Hole In The Household

We lost our little pal Kasey today.  For six years, she has been a huge part of our family.  Now she is gone, leaving a big hole in our household, and an even bigger hole in our hearts. 539 more words



I know I don’t have to tell anyone this, but, man, the world is a tough place.

It’ll turn you cold in a heartbeat.

And if you’re like me, you also get to add in the fact that you are constantly overthinking any and all situations. 712 more words

Kasey Kaler

Much Ado ‘Bout Betty Boo

Russell’s dog Betty has been staying with us for a few weeks while Russell gets some work done on his builling.  Betty — who is known to Kish and me as Betty Boop or, in abbreviated form, Betty Boo — is making herself at home, as dogs always do, and there couldn’t be more of a contrast between the youthful Betty and the aging Kasey, who likes nothing so much as good morning, afternoon, and evening naps.  125 more words


Welcome to Chasing Change

For about a year now, I have been on a journey. My journey had one goal in mind — and while I’m still on it — it was to learn to love myself. 147 more words

Kasey Kaler

Erin Go Dog

Sure and begorrah, it’s not St. Patrick’s Day until tomorrow, but it is Friday night, and our lucky leprechaun Kasey felt like getting into the Irish spirit a little bit early. 16 more words


Dog Seasons #100WW

I just found 100 Word Wednesday! Thank you, Bikurgurl!

To participate visit the link here. And, of course, you knew if it had a dog, I was going to write it! 132 more words

Flash Fiction

Two Dog Night

We’re keeping an eye on Russell’s pooch Betty while Russell does some work on his new building and business. It’s interesting having two dogs in the house after a few years as a one-canine concern. 66 more words