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Do Dogs Smile?

I know there’s some debate about whether what humans might perceive as a smile is truly a canine expression of happiness and satisfaction — as opposed to, say, simply panting to cool off on a warm late summer day.  30 more words


Want to share your ideas online without buying a domain? BLOG!

“Who Is This Blog You Speak Of???”

A blog is a website that is run by a person or a group of people, also known as the blogger(s), that want to share their interests with others. 364 more words



At what point do you suppose that you first grasped the idea of “home”?  I imagine it was one of the first concepts I ever understood, and probably one of the first words, too.  486 more words


Downtown Dog

When I took Kasey for a walk to the office today I figured that downtown wouldn’t be a very interesting place for a dog, but of course I was wrong.  123 more words


Office Dog

Today I did something I’ve never done before:  walk Kasey down to the office to keep me company while I got some work done.  I think she enjoyed herself, after first giving my office a thorough sniff test around the perimeter, and later finding just the right-sized patch of sunlight where she could stretch out and nap.  45 more words


The Kasey Kough

Kasey likes her walks, but they come at a price.  Nine times out of ten, she ends up with what I call the Kasey Kough — a kind of weird, rasping, unnerving throat noise that makes everyone think that she’s got some kind of soon-to-be-fatal doggie disease. 227 more words


DCA championships, Rochester 

last Labor Day we took a trip to Rochester New York for our championship. Here’s me and Dennis watching the parade.
Me and Kasey goofing off. 30 more words