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Competition Bridgeport 

Pics from the bugler’s hall of fame championships in Bridgeport, CT



They sent me this on the first night I was sick. I ended up in bed for about a month and in the hospital !! You can see John wasn’t feeling well either! 6 more words


Dog Signage

The umbrella girl fountain is a favorite spot in Schiller Park for many German Villagers.  Water drips from the umbrella into the basin, making a pleasant splashing sound, and the fountain is ringed by benches and large shade trees that make the area cool even on hot summer days. 77 more words


Dog Snores In The Nighttime

Kasey is an old dog.  Because she was a rescue dog who joined the family by way of the humane society, we’re not exactly sure how old she is.   273 more words


You've Been Warned

When we were redoing our front beds, Kish found an old “Beware of Dog” sign that, unbeknownst to us, had been tucked into our fence line by a prior owner. 47 more words


Space Dog

Kasey puts up with our whimsy and shenanigans, just like we put up with hers.  It’s part of the dog-human bargain.