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Kasey's Spot

Kasey has lots of accustomed spots in our house, but this location in the front room, where the morning sun shining through some stained glass leaves the room dappled with light, is a particular favorite. 23 more words


The Secret Inner Life Of Dogs

We boarded Kasey while we were on our recent trip to Maine.

We put her up in a really nice place, staffed by bubbly, outgoing young women, where Kasey and the other canine guests all have their own reasonably roomy spaces with their own chairs, beds, and water and dog food bowls. 346 more words


Raw Onion

Kish is out of town, which means I don’t have to worry about mortally offending her with my breath and can indulge one of my favorite summer food combinations: grilled cheeseburgers with raw onion — lots of raw onion. 68 more words


Be It Ever So Humble 

Mere words cannot adequately capture how good it feels to be home after a long week on the road.


Kasey, ON AIR

{Apologizing in advance for my Millennialism & the most hipster bio you will ever read.}

Confessions of a rose-colored 22 year-old, recent college graduate turned radio personality.  80 more words

Call Me Kasey

The After Effect (Renegade Heroes book 2)| Review

Kasey and his friends have kickass abilities. Once determined to help society, their last battle left Kasey almost dead. Disillusioned, they leave the city in search of peace and quiet. 448 more words

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