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Back From The Boarder

We’re back from our trip to Canada, and this morning we picked up Kasey from the boarder. I could be wrong about this, but I think she’s happy to be back home.


Betty In The House

Russell’s here for a visit, and he’s brought his dog Betty. She’s a pretty and smart beagle mix who’s about 6 months old, and she’s got a lot of energy. 53 more words


Stressed Out Pooches

Recently we took Kasey to the vet’s office while we went on a weekend trip.  When we returned the vet reported that Kasey had been very anxious during her stay — so anxious that they actually had to give her some kind of sedative to calm her down.   371 more words


Our Apparently Deaf Dog

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that our dog Kasey may be dealing with deafness.

If true, it’s not surprising, because Kasey’s getting to be of pretty advanced age.   401 more words


Springtime Sprawl

It’s hit the mid-70s in Columbus, with some sunshine and a nice breeze. In short, it’s a gorgeous early spring day in the Midwest — perfect for a nice, warm nap on the porch rug.


A Winter Of Kasey

We have a tiny, pod-shaped patch of grass in our backyard, and right now it’s got about the worst case of yard mange you’ve ever seen. 148 more words


Officially Sprung

This Friday night I am sitting outside, in jeans and a short sleeve shirt in 70 degree weather, drinking a cold beer and reading the Sport Illustrated baseball preview. 80 more words