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The Tokyo Gas Attack & Objects of Disobedience (for the wrong reasons)

Back in January I went to an exhibition in London called Objects of Disobedience. The objects exhibited were ones which were/ are used in movements to fight for or against something. 297 more words

The Tokyo Underground

Menyaksikan Sakura Mekar di Tokyo*

Menyaksikan Sakura Mekar di Tokyo*

*Oleh Joko Setiawan, A Social Worker, 32nd Trainee of ASEAN Social Welfare Worker’s Training Program by Japan National Council of Social Welfare (JNCSW/Zenshakyou) 223 more words


About to rain in Tokyo

Tokyo hat gegen Abend in der Regenzeit immer eine sehr besondere Stimmung finde ich. Es ist dieses “kurz bevor es gleich richtig anfängt zu regnen”, die Luft fühlt sich anders an, ein erdiger Geruch verbreitet sich. 40 more words


Why is Kasumigaseki called Kasumigaseki?

Kasumigaseki (Fog Gate)

The word is made of 2 kanji:*
霞 kasumi fog, mist, haze
関 seki barrier (gate)

There are competing theories about this place name. 593 more words

Japanese History

Financial Themes and Personified by :

Its a year by year collection pick out with a different fad that really captured the attention in that year and dollars of the investors Class. 202 more words


Now another manga lover has been arrested (but this one deserved it)

by Mike Hansen

54-year-old Katsuya Takahashi was arrested at a manga cafe in downtown Tokyo. Why? Well, according to the AP, it turns out he’s been on Japan’s most-wanted list for his role in the Aum Shinrikyo death cult’s sarin gas attack on subways in Tokyo back in 1995. 106 more words


Keeping the tents: The anti-nuclear protest at Kasumigaseki

When you are angry with a person its easy to resolve, you can just shout at them, hide halibut under their shoe soles and make snide remarks to fatally undermine their confidence.  384 more words