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Katana: Part 3

Surely, I am better than them.

            Nini felt weak; she felt hate; she felt anger; she felt despair. Despair. She had never felt it before. Or, had she? 2,723 more words

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Back together we go ...

Now that the cams were put back into the bike, we set about measuring the cam opening and closing.

It did make me laugh that when I pointed out to Spike he was using a Cambridge Lambretta Workshop timing wheel, he sulked and reached for the correction fluid – I don’t think he’s as successful at trying to hide the true past of the wheel as he is tuning engines to be honest. 626 more words


KATANA 3.0: Get an in-depth look by Foundry (28th February 2018)

KATANA 3.0: Get an in-depth look by Foundry

28th February 2018 | 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM PST
Phi Centre, 407 Rue Saint-Pierre, Salle A, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2M3, Canada… 195 more words

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Samson is the name of a weapon in Soul Embrace, making its first appearance in Part I: The Fires Rise. It is a katana owned by… 651 more words


RV01 It's A Trap, Mom!

Little punk girl Cream defends her mom Eclaire from an anonymously given teddy.

(c) Kai De Guzman

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Katana: Part 2-Edited

I am definitely better than them.

            There was no blood on the floor. The room actually smelled clean. Back against the wall, standing tall, Nini stroked the hilt of her katana, and watched as Master Yeshen scanned the room along with four other ninjas and a young doctor. 1,092 more words

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(Reed’s Song of the Day: Pretty Fly for a White Guy, by the Offspring)

There’s a point where nerdiness becomes cool. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. 945 more words