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Master Sword: Additional Thoughts

After looking at several of the weirdnesses of the Master Sword, a couple can be explained as being Japanese influence. For example, katanas have relatively short blades for a two handed weapon, so the Japanese designers may think the longer grip looks right.* Additionally, the katana’s tsuba (guard) is usually a round or oval disk, so perhaps the Japanese designer thought having a round interface to the hand would makes sense. 155 more words


Alien Odyssey.

You, the master ninja, have been selected out of all of the two hundred competitors to go into space, and explore Pluto. You climb, step by step, into the special capsule full with supplements to support you, and you put on your suit, and sit down, or, rather UP in the seat, which is rotated backwards until it faces towards the ceiling. 447 more words

Second Life: Dark side of the Moon

Where the moon filters it’s light upon the Earth, it also casts its shadow. Like the yin to the yang, every person has a light and a dark side including myself. 376 more words

Second Life

THREE ways to improve your Sword technique without even touching it

Pilot Episode Transcript:

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Hello my friends! This is Regular Slasher, and welcome to my Regular Three-Minute Podcast. Because of all your support, this channel has started from zero subscribers to over a hundred so far. 431 more words

Blade Philosophies

"A Soul in a Sword"

In addition to the introduction about why I started this blog, I want to give a short introduction to the name and lifestyle of the person writing this. 486 more words