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Japanese Sword Smithing | Links I Like

In todays Links I Like  post, A documentary on a Japanese sword-smith. I like that this has over 4 million views,. Much decent uncontroversial middle of the road material to be found on YouTube. 274 more words


Little Wars TV - Fourth Kawanakajima Wargame

I mentioned back in LIttle Wars – a Favoured YouTube Channel, that Little Wars was one of my favourite channels. I watch for the new releases and have enjoyed some great refights (like the recent Agincourt one). 161 more words


Katana And The Representation Of Female Samurai

Japan is associated with a lot of images, with the samurai being the most famous in my opinion. The image of a noble warrior living by the code of bushido has become a romanticised ideal. 680 more words



While Oni are the feared goliaths of raw muscle, these smaller relatives have mastered the fine art of the blade (and clothing). It is not uncommon for these little ronin to gang up and take down heavily muscled foes ten times their own weight.

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Cursed Comics Cavalcade Review: An Impressive Collection Of Horror-Themed Stories

Haloween is the time of ghosts and monsters, a time for people to enjoy the spooky side of life. For Halloween 2018, I’m reviewing Cursed Comics Cavalcade… 1,428 more words


Ninja Sword

There is a lot of different types of swords that Ninjas use. Most of the time they like to use samurai swords which is Katana in Japanese. 107 more words


The Red Sun Brunch at Katana Dubai

Love Japanese cuisine? I’ve got the perfect Friday brunch suggestion for you, complete with a fantabulous view of the majestic Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa. 373 more words