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Review: SS-GB (S1 E5/5), Sunday 19th March, BBC1

I approached the finale of SS-GB, the good-looking conspiracy thriller, with some optimism just about intact. There had been flickers of life in this stodgy tale of alternative history, but so often when things threatened to spark they petered out and sunk into drudgery. 977 more words

British Crime Drama

Review: SS-GB (S1 E4/5), Sunday 12th March, BBC1

SS-GB has been shedding viewers by the week and has been taking a pasting on Twitter (too mumbly, too whispery and too ‘what on earth is going on?’). 623 more words

British Crime Drama

Review: SS-GB (S1 E3/5), Sunday 5th March, BBC1

After last week’s episode finale, where young PC Jimmy Dunn was found dead in Archer’s old family house, murdered by the Resistance, it was clear that our dashing detective of The Yard was being severely tested. 859 more words

British Crime Drama

The road through wonderland

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Dawn Schiller is a survivor.

It’s so easy to just casually drop the line that Dawn was the product of a ‘broken home’ and ‘tough neighbourhood’, but what does that really mean? 525 more words


Oscar 2017: The alright, the good and the downright hell yes! 

The Oscar 2017 outfits did not disappoint; you had the usual play safe dresses, the princess dresses, the WTF if she wearing dresses and the absolutely flawless ones too. 695 more words

Review: SS-GB (S1 E2/5), Sunday 26th February, BBC1

The first episode of SS-GB was an unsettling look at what Britain would look like if the Allies had lost World War II. London was cloaked in Swastikas and echoed with the sound Gestapo boots, its population starting to feel the full force of oppression. 880 more words

British Crime Drama

TV REVIEW: SS-GB Episode 1

Where The Crown was a soothing, nostalgic view of Britain’s unique greatness, new BBC drama SS-GB is a nightmare vision. Based on Len Deighton’s 1978 alt-history novel, it envisions a dystopian 1941 in which the Nazis won the Battle of Britain and invaded London with their swastika flags and spiky road barriers. 462 more words