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Day 729: The Great Texas Wind Rush

The Great Texas Wind Rush is a history of the wind energy business written by Kate Galbraith and Asher Price, a couple of reporters. It begins with the building of wind turbines to pump water and then covers a few pioneers who tried to use turbines to produce electricity, with mixed results. 271 more words


Texas Smart Grid Experts Head to the White House

  • Kate Galbraith The Texas Tribune, 5/19/2011
  • Texas’s smart-grid initiatives are getting some attention in Washington.

    On Friday morning, a small group of Texans, including the chairman of the Public Utility Commission, … 509 more words

    Energy Policy

    Texas Solar Advocates Hope for Legislative Boost

  • Originally published by Kate Galbraith, The Texas Tribune on April 7, 2011
  • Advocates of solar power are urging passage of a bill that would add a dollar per month to homeowners’ electric bills to fund solar projects. 454 more words

    Energy Policy

    Texas Tackles Electricity Storage

    “An electric vehicle is basically a battery with wheels.”

    Barry Smitherman, Chairman of the Public Utility Commission,

    This weekend, I started writing a post discussing the lack of an economically viable large-scale energy storage technology that we can use in the absence of natural formations such as mountains (for pumped hydro storage) or large caverns (for compressed air energy storage). 1,281 more words

    Energy Efficiency

    Smarter Grids in Texas

    Kate Galbraith wrote a piece for today’s Texas Tribune on the smart grid concepts and how they’re being implemented in Texas. The article can be found… 26 more words

    Electricity Transmission

    Spending the Stimulus

    As evidenced by my last post, there’s no question that the stimulus bill will pour a ton of money into science. There is, however, a question as to whether that money will be effective, either in stimulating the economy or permanently improving R&D.  390 more words