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Kate Grenville’s 'One Life: My Mother’s Story' Review

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After the death of her mother Nance in 2002, Kate Grenville was left with papers and notebooks holding a lifetime of memories in their pages; the result of several attempts at a memoir that petered out after a few pages. 766 more words


Kate Grenville's The Secret River: Convict to Colonialist

Kate Grenville’s novel, The Secret River, published in 2005 explores Australia’s history, more specifically its colonial history. The novel follows the protagonist, William Thornhill, an Englishman who is transported to Australia for theft via the… 345 more words


Kate Grenville - The Lieutenant

Review date: May 2015
Rating: *****

This is my second Grenville novel and am completely hooked. Stoking up happy memories of recent travels to Sydney, Grenville has created a novel of the highest calibre and originality that should become a ‘must-read’ for all wanting to read up on Australia’s earliest years.

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An Evening with Kate Grenville

Last Wednesday night I had the experience of hearing one of my favourite Australian authors, Kate Grenville, speaking about her new non-fiction book, One Life: My Mother’s Story… 322 more words


The Inconsistency of Character

In her book, The Writing Book: A Workbook for Fiction Writers author Kate Grenville writes that:

“Inconsistencies can make characters interesting, as long as they’re inconsistent in a way that adds something to the story.” 435 more words


How does Grenville humanise convict history?

In Kate Grenville’s novel The Secret River the moral association between a criminal and their crime is extremely hazy. This is particularly evident when early on in the novel Grenville takes the reader back to the origins of the protagonists life ‘William Thornhill.’ William was born into the poverty stricken London we familiarise with Dickens work, his family do not even make enough to survive and therefore himself and his siblings are thrown into the deep end of a life of being street urchins and petty child thieves. 169 more words


How does Grenville humanise the First Australians in the novel The Secret River?

The Secret River book cover

The Secret River, written by Kate Grenville in 2005, is a historical novel about an Englishman who was transported to Australia because of a crime he committed. 310 more words