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Queen Of Earth (2015)

Who would have thought this was the next step for Peggy Olson? Two close friends who have parted ways for a while, Catherine (Elizabeth Moss) and Ginny (Katharine Waterston) take a little vacation for a week to Ginnys family vacation home. 534 more words

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Queen of Earth (2015)

Everybody’s got that one “crazy friend”.

Having drifted apart for many reasons (mostly personal), Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) and Ginny (Katharine Waterson) go out to a beach for the week to where they’ll relax, catch up with one another, and hopefully, heal some wounds. 1,196 more words


Queen of Earth (Alex Ross Perry, 2015)

Fresh off the heels of her father’s passing and debilitating breakup, Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) deems it appropriate to retreat to best friend Virginia’s (Katherine Waterston) lakeside abode for rehabilitative purposes. 370 more words


Queen of Earth

If Alex Ross Perry’s Queen of Earth has a cornerstone, a centerpiece, a central scene that sums up its entire experience, it’s one that comes about fifteen minutes before the end of the film. 518 more words


THANKSGIVING is a seasonal grief feast with subtler shades of a home invasion thriller

Rating: ★★★

If family dysfunction is as traditional at thanksgiving as turkey, cinematographer-turned-director Adam Newport-Berra’s seasonal grief feast contends that unresolved romantic entanglements dished up in front of a room full of friends can be just explosive as rows with Mum and Dad and the relatives who only come out of the woodwork for a good spread. 730 more words

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Tapping a warm vein of nostalgia gone cold, POLLYWOGS warns us not to go home

Rating: ★★★

Glossier, more superficial film experiences of family tend towards hysteria (see August: Osage County). Co-directors of Pollywogs, Karl Jacob and T. Arthur Cottam aren’t interested in skeletons falling out of cupboards and screaming matches that end in tears. 847 more words

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A young mother goes back to nature in EMPIRE BUILDER

Rating: ★★★★

When Empire Builder’s embroidered-looking title card flashes up on screen, the font is similar to a needlepoint you might see hanging in a country farmhouse kitchen asking to “bless this home.” Home life for Jenny (Kate Lyn Sheil) is anything but blessed, stuck in a loveless marriage with a superficially good-natured husband (Joe Swanberg), possessively micro-managing her through motherhood. 943 more words

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