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Jon Gosselin Feels ‘Disconnected’ From His Kids -- Kate Makes All The Parenting Decisions

Jon Gosselin can’t seem to catch a break! We learned exclusively the star hates that he can’t see his 8 kids as much as he’d like, and it’s all because ex Kate Gosselin has total control over family decisions! 529 more words


Kate Gosselin Slammed After Fans Notice Son, Collin, 13, Is Missing From Halloween Pic

Kate Gosselin’s in HOT water after posting a pic of her sextuplets on Halloween. Why? Her son Collin wasn’t included in the photo, causing fans to believe he was, once again, excluded from the family festivities! 536 more words


Jon Gosselin Ready To Prove He's Not A 'Deadbeat' Dad Amid Custody Battle With Kate

Jon Gosselin’s sick of being portrayed as a loser by ex Kate, and he’s doing everything he can to set the record straight! We learned exclusively all he wants is to see his kids, but he doesn’t have the money Kate has! 491 more words


Kate & Jon Gosselin's Custody War: He Feels 'So Guilty' He's Letting Daughter Hannah Down

Jon & Kate Gosselin are in the midst of a custody war over daughter Hannah, 13, & HL learned exclusively the teen wants to live with her dad! 468 more words


Jon Gosselin 'Aggressively Fighting' For His Kids Amid Latest Legal Battle With Kate

Jon Gosselin’s NOT about to let his ex-wife Kate destroy his relationship with their kids. After multiple custody showdowns this month, Jon’s lawyer says he’s officially fighting for his kids with everything he’s got! 450 more words


Kate & Jon Gosselin’s War Over Hannah: Violent Battle That Reportedly Landed Sextuplet In Hospital

Jon & Kate Gosselin’s custody battle exploded when their daughter Hannah reportedly refused to leave her dad’s car during a heated custody exchange. The fight was supposedly SO bad the teen got hurt! 662 more words


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