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Collin Gosselin: Why Kate Would Choose To Send Her Son, 12, Away -- Expert Speaks

Kate Gosselin of ‘Kate Plus 8’ shocked fans by revealing that her 12-year-old son Collin no longer lives at home! The mom-of-eight explained that Collin has ‘social challenges’ & ‘special needs,’ but what exactly does that mean? 507 more words

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Jon from Jon & Kate Plus 8 Works at T.G.I.Fridays?

A report released that Jon Gosselin, from the the TLC show “Jon & Kate plus 8,” was working at a T.G.I.Fridays. What happened to the reality show money and DJ-ing?   358 more words

Collateral Damage: The Kids of Teen Mom

Until this week I had never watched Teen Mom. The gossip-hound in me was aware that one of these moms had done a sex tape (thereby earning the nickname… 1,280 more words

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Steve Harvey Finds Out Why Jon Gosselin Quit 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'

Remember the reality tv show ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ before it was just ‘Kate Plus 8’? Ever wonder why Jon Gosselin quit the show? I mean, other than his divorce from Kate Gosselin? 25 more words


My Friend, Lady Tremaine

As you know from last week’s blog, I was in Texas helping my friend Sharon unpack hundreds of boxes from a recent move. You might be interested to know (or perhaps not) that I didn’t develop a Texan drawl. 610 more words


Breaking Routine

So we’re five days in to 2016 and I have moved away from blogging every single day. It’s kind of nice to not have to worry about writing a blog every day, or trying to come up with material. 397 more words

Life Update

How Have You Embarrassed Your Teenager?

Kate Gosselin from the TLC show “Kate Plus 8” isn’t quite comfortable with her teenage daughters dating and flirting with boys.

So it got us thinking, when is the right age? 60 more words