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Not Every Piece of Art is About Trump — Or Is It?

Like many conscious culture consumers, I’ve been dividing up my diet of books, TV and film into two categories: “Think more deeply about the Trump era” on one side (hi, … 1,453 more words


'O Fallen Angel' Will Hit You in the Gut (in the Best Way)

Kate Zambreno’s O Fallen Angel is not subtle, and that’s a good thing. It is a triptych of a novel—if you can really call it a novel. 419 more words


Review: O Fallen Angel by Kate Zambreno

Anna K. Yoder, who interviewed Kate Zambreno in 2010 about her first novel, describes O Fallen Angel: “Zambreno’s first novel reads like the bastard offspring of an orgy between John Waters’s… 902 more words

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Kate Zambreno: Book of Mutter

The first time I remember seeing my mother was in 1976, when I was eleven years old. It isn’t a firsthand memory, more of what Barthes might call a memory container. 377 more words


Some Well-Intentioned Reading Ideas for 2017

This time last year I posted some well-intentioned reading ideas for 2016. I conformed to pattern and failed almost entirely to fulfil my intentions. This is symptomatic of a good year’s reading. 404 more words


Green Girl by Kate Zambreno

This was so beautifully written. The prose was so good, so fragile and heartbreaking, so precise, falling into poetry at times. It’s hands down the most gorgeous thing I’ve read in ages. 166 more words