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Review: Book of Mutter by Kate Zambreno

Each of us has their own rhythm of suffering.—Roland Barthes, Mourning Diary.

My Review:
The entry for 24 October 1911 in Kafka’s Diaries… 968 more words


Not Every Piece of Art is About Trump — Or Is It?

Like many conscious culture consumers, I’ve been dividing up my diet of books, TV and film into two categories: “Think more deeply about the Trump era” on one side (hi, … 1,453 more words


'O Fallen Angel' Will Hit You in the Gut (in the Best Way)

Kate Zambreno’s O Fallen Angel is not subtle, and that’s a good thing. It is a triptych of a novel—if you can really call it a novel. 419 more words


Review: O Fallen Angel by Kate Zambreno

Anna K. Yoder, who interviewed Kate Zambreno in 2010 about her first novel, describes O Fallen Angel: “Zambreno’s first novel reads like the bastard offspring of an orgy between John Waters’s… 902 more words

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Kate Zambreno: Book of Mutter

The first time I remember seeing my mother was in 1976, when I was eleven years old. It isn’t a firsthand memory, more of what Barthes might call a memory container. 377 more words


Some Well-Intentioned Reading Ideas for 2017

This time last year I posted some well-intentioned reading ideas for 2016. I conformed to pattern and failed almost entirely to fulfil my intentions. This is symptomatic of a good year’s reading. 404 more words