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Review: Ten years ago, tragedy struck the Russell family. Kaylie tries to vindicate her brother, who was convicted of murder for their parents. She does everything she can to prove that the death of her parents was committed by a supernatural phenomenon. 129 more words


Netflix Renews 'LONGMIRE' For A Fifth Season

Netflix has announced that they’ve renewed Longmire for a fifth season. Season 4, consists of ten episodes and premiered on the streaming service site on September 10. 176 more words


Netflix renews 'Longmire' for a fifth season

Netflix announced on Friday that they have  renewed LONGMIRE  for a 10-episode Season 5, just seven weeks after the show was saved from cancellation  by A&E .


The Night He Jumped the Shark (Halloween Resurrection, 2002)

So, if Halloween H20 tied everything up nicely and gave closure for the character of Laurie Strode, what did they do for number eight?  Why completely undo it of course!  766 more words


Editorial 9: The Casting of Captain Marvel

Pan came out this week, but it does not take a genius to see what is in store. The retelling of classic stories has been done to death. 865 more words

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Halloween: Resurrection (2002, Rick Rosenthal)

Halloween: Resurrection is an exercise in desperation. The film throws reality TV in to ape the found footage zeitgeist without actually committing to the narrative conceit. 452 more words