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Katelyn Benton – Fix

This one has quickly become one of my favorite songs. I was happy to find it on Spotify today.

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Find New Music Online and Help Artists Grow

Hey Friends,

I’ve been checking out this new website for buying/sharing new music called Monkeybars. Those of you who know me, know that I am a… 171 more words

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(VIDEO) Chopin, Largo in E Flat Major

I spent a lot of yesterday practicing piano, which is something I don’t do nearly enough and probably should. I warmed up with this piece – one of my most favorite, simple and short pieces by Chopin.

Katelyn Benton

What is scratch piano? (Recording Scratch Piano for "Fix")

On Tuesday we recorded the scratch piano for a new song, “Fix”

What is scratch piano?

Before Scott (Nickoley) and Ryan (Franks) and I tackle a new tune, we start with a scratch piano and vocal. 177 more words

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Katelyn Benton & her next Album

I’m proud to say I know this lovely lady named Katelyn Benton, and she is insanely talented. She also needs help with finishing her next full-length album. 69 more words


Patch it Up by Katelyn Benton

I got an iphone yesterday and now I’m geeking out. Now’s a good time to like my Facebook Page, since I’m all about sharing stuff like this there! 19 more words

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