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Life lessons from the idiot box

I will begin with something revealing about myself: I thought this task was gonna be easy peasy Japanese and even volunteered to go first, as is the gall of my ego at times. 857 more words

It Really Is Nice, Unusual, and Different: Kath & Kim

I was browsing movies on Hulu when I found Kath & Kimderella (an Australian movie), one thing lead to another and I ended up finding 3 amazing role models for female actors/writers/producers. 342 more words


"Look at moi, ploise"

Kath and Kim showcases life as your typical ‘Aussie bogan’ and the way that we all live. To the large majority of viewers, we can all relate in some way to the lives of these two women. 427 more words


Is this a joke?

Comedy has become an integral part of culture and television.

It is both a cultural and social product that is shaped by aspects of history, politics and social behaviours within specific cultures. 547 more words

Copycat TV: Whose not getting it?

When it comes to television comedy in different global markets, the cultural translation may not always be successfully achieved. It is evident that comedy can be cultural specific, and having a pre-acquired background is often necessary in certain cultural societies to more or less, get the joke. 410 more words

Saturn's day

My perfect Saturday really begins the night before – staying sober, no ordering pizza (as much as I do love it) and going to the gym on a Friday night after work. 837 more words

Television: Look at Moiye vs. Check it out y'all

What makes something funny? Is it someone slipping on a banana peel? Babies laughing? Or maybe the millions of cat videos on Youtube? Comedy and humour are heavily dependent on cultural references. 607 more words