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Breaking Through the Patriarchy

Forty years after I taped Robin Morgan’s passage from “Monster,” on my bureau’s mirror, which starts “I want a women’s revolution like a lover. I lust for it, I want so much this freedom, this end to struggle and fear and lies we all exhale, that I could die just with the passionate uttering of that desire…” I feel exasperated as we approach the Democratic Convention. 337 more words

Hillary Clinton

Katha Pollitt’s review of It Takes A Village

Katha Pollitt is now a big fan of Hillary Clinton, but she wasn’t always one, as this review of her dreadful book It Takes A Village  1,168 more words

Katha Pollitt, 1996 vs. 2016

The Nation — August 26-September 2,1996

The Strange Death of Liberal America
Katha Pollitt

I woke up this morning to the voice of Linda Chavez-Thompson-first and only female, first and only minority executive vice president of the supposedly revitalized, supposedly reprogressified A.F.L.-C.I.O.-telling National Public Radio how thrilled she was with the Democratic Party platform. 1,094 more words

What I am teaching this semester: Women and Violence in Contemporary Literature and Texts

I am often asked “What are you teaching this semester?” I love that question.  I try to check my geek nature at the door and only offer a few sentences in response.   619 more words


Katha Pollitt on My Turn

Katha Pollitt reviews My Turn in the January 25 issue of The Nation. I suppose it’s undignified for an author to take issue with a reviewer, but I’m confident that I can transcend such petty concerns. 1,222 more words

The only reason I regret not driving.

I was just reading a book entitled Learning to Drive by Katha Pollitt. They are personal essays; a memoir of sorts and the first chapter being; “Learning to drive.” Her ex-husband hated her for not driving, so, after they got a divorce, she decides to start taking driving lessons. 275 more words


silent letter :: katha pollitt

It’s what you don’t hear
that says struggle
as in wrath and wrack
and wrong and wrench and wrangle.

The noiseless wriggle
of a hooked worm… 52 more words