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reading (writing game 13)

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I have always loved to read, it has been a way of getting away from things when I was I a kid. I loved reading the books that had a universe of it self, like Harry Potter, or twilight. 347 more words

Expecting some new things


To-day we have pieces of pizza. Yesterday

We saw the scream at a museum. And to-morrow midnight

We shall see the north star. But to-day, … 242 more words

writing game 8

So I was out with my boyfriend Jig last night, he had asked me out, so I had great expectations. I thought that he had planned a perfect date in Madrid, even when he invited me there, I thought that it would be the most romantic vacation I have been on ever. 150 more words

Writing game 7

She was at one of her best friends 18th birthday, when she meets him for the first time. She stepped in, and saw her friends, at went over and hugged them.   329 more words

I would love to have the duchess

I stand here and pain the most beautiful woman in the world, and for who to adore? The duke, and all the wealthy people, They have her all the time, and the the duke even has her everyday, and all day even also the nights. 315 more words

Recorde de Ipês germinados em Santana do Mundaú - Alagoas

Temos ótimas noticias recebidas no primeiro bimestre de 2016. Das sementes enviadas de Porto Alegre, a Katharina conseguiu germinar 58!

Ela também colheu algumas vagens e conseguiu germinar mais 44! 172 more words

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