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Katheryn Bigelow and Pop Anti-Analysis

Earlier this month, a FOIA request yielded another hundred pages of documents relating to the CIA’s collaboration with the filmmakers behind Zero Dark Thirty. As is customary when these things happen, the typical response included a few recurring threads.  916 more words


Newly Unveiled Records Allege 'Zero Dark Thirty' Filmmakers Courted The CIA With Gifts

Zero Dark Thirty, the movie about the manhunt to either kill or capture Osama Bin Laden, just found a postscript in records that allege the CIA extensively aided the production. 389 more words


First look--First trailer for Warner Bros. remake of Point Break

The original 1991 theatrical release Point Break starred Keanu Reeves as an undercover cop with the lame name of Johnny Utah playing against free-wheeling surfer turned thief named Bodhi played by the late Patrick Swayze.  318 more words


What's Up with Vampires?

This morning I watched Dracula 2000 as part of a study on Dracula movies.  It left me with a lot of questions, like “how should I categorize the vampire making the victim drink the vampire’s blood– plain old violence?   519 more words


Point Break (1991)

Point Break
Directed by Katherine Bigelow
Screenplay written by W. Peter Iliff based on story by Rick King and W. Peter Iliff
(number 205)

I did not realise that Katherine Bigelow directed this movie. 590 more words


Based on a "True Story": One Man's Rant

Some people are just not satisfied with outright fabrication in movies. “It’s gotta be realistic,” these critics chide. And so we get movies like Argo and Zero Dark Thirty that are approximations of events that actually happened to sate their appetites for “realism.” We are told that they are “based on a true story,” whatever that means. 732 more words


The Reluctant Fundamentalist: or why can't Mira get that Bollywood Music out of her Hair?

Changez (Riz Ahmed, a handsome actor with limited range and modest charisma) is at home in Pakistan for a family celebration. Music plays, men sing, and we begin cross cutting to a kidnapping and the ransacking of an office.   437 more words

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