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The murky transparency of the Obama Government

By Tom Quiner

I read a letter to the editor in my local newspaper a few days ago applauding the coming Obamanet, aka “net neutrality.” 278 more words


Our Gay "Problem" In The Workplace

I read an article in the Washington Post last week about an Alabama Supreme Court Justice who issued a letter to the numerous probate judges in his state advising them to ignore a federal court ruling that essentially made same-sex marriages legal in that state. 550 more words


Sebelius blasts Brownback's tax cuts, LGBT decision

LAWRENCE, Kansas (AP) – Former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius says she was surprised and distressed by Gov. Sam Brownback’s decision to rescind an executive order that offered protections for gay, lesbian and transgender state employees. 101 more words


Governor rescinds order protecting gay state workers

TOPEKA, Kansas – Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has rescinded a former governor’s order barring discrimination against gays and lesbians in hiring and employment throughout much of state government. 265 more words


The woman in charge of botched HealthCare.gov rollout (Kathleen Sebelius) given honorary degree for ‘innovation’ at Ohio State University

Campus Reform: The woman who presided over the botched rollout of HealthCare.gov is scheduled to receive an honorary degree from Ohio’s largest university because her work “was committed to ensuring that America continues to lead the world in innovation.” 24 more words


Single Payer and the Waiting Game

In 2007, former governor of Kansas and now disgraced HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius stated in a speech, “I’m all for a single payer system eventually.” President Obama is a proponent of the single payer system as is Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi’s fix of the horrifying roll out of Obamacare is to turn it into a single payer program. 577 more words


Sebelius: Obamacare Is A "Bad Brand"

I’ll give Kathleen Sebelius credit for one thing…occasionally she hits the nail on the head. After MIT Professor in hiding, Jonathon Gruber made a mockery of himself in front of a congressional committee on Obamacare, and basically went through the process calling himself “stupid”, Kathleen Sebelius came to the conclusion that Obamacare is a “bad brand”. 646 more words