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Review of KTO

The website SYFFAL (Shut Your Fucking Face and Listen) just reviewed our song Kathleen Turner Overdrive.  Who needs grammar and punctuation with reviews that kick so much ass!? 166 more words


Sonic Death Monkey

I found this slip of paper tucked between the pages in my personal copy of High Fidelity, which is especially strange because it’s not in my handwriting, and I don’t think I’ve ever lent my copy out for anyone to borrow… 129 more words


The Commitments-Soundtrack

This album may get the award for best album by a fictional group.  Other nominees in this category include Spinal Tap (while I loved the movie, I thought their albums were less enjoyable on their own); the group from… 343 more words


Kathleen Turner Overdrives Final Show

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the most nostalgic shows we will probably see in the Durham region in a very long time; Kathleen Turner Overdrives last show! 3,137 more words

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