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Filmmakers and Artists Respond to Richard Corliss' Death

Richard Corliss, the longtime film critic for TIME who passed away on April 23, was a tireless promoter of the art of cinema, and of particular filmmakers. 455 more words

Swayze-Crazy: POINT BREAK

In September 2009, the world lost actor Patrick Swayze to cancer. Both an action star and a dancer, Swayze was able to play both romantic leads and tough guys—a feat very few have been able to pull off. 1,757 more words


Is Warner Bros. Taking the Woman Out of 'Wonder Woman'?

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday that Michelle MacLaren, director of Warner Bros.’ “Wonder Woman” movie, has exited the project.

According to a statement, MacLaren quit because of the mysterious “creative differences” so often cited as an explanation for director-studio splits. 803 more words

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Excellent film, gripping from start to finish and left me wanting even more. Carefully lays out the case for torture while demonstrating how little good it ultimately did and the toll it takes on all involved. 21 more words

The Hurt Locker : A Movie Review (SPOILERS)

Sexy man be crazy lone wolf.

Things blow up.

Sexy men be crazy together.

Things blow up.

Sexy man still crazy lone wolf.


Sexy man is only as crazy as this crazy planet of war.

The end.

I liked it.

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52 Weeks of Directors: Kathryn Bigelow

Disclaimer: To be fair to the other amazing women I’ve written about here, I’ve studied Bigelow’s filmography and career more than any other director (male or female), so this week’s post is a deeper dive. 1,377 more words


Rapid Response: Strange Days

One might assume that a film set at the dawn of the new millennium and about the fear of Y2K might feel a hair dated. But while that aspect does, “Strange Days” touches on a subject that’s been more than prevalent in 2015. 846 more words

Rapid Response