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The Hurt Locker: Hawkeye & The Falcon Taking A Shot Out Of The Modern Film

I have being meaning to watch this for quite sometime now and I finally have got round to it. Based on the horrific true events of the War on Terror in Iraq, comes a movie that has won 6 Oscars, won 126 awards and has being nominated for 94 other awards. 1,340 more words


Ep. 58 - Something Like It's 1999: Strange Days and Race Relations

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Strange Days is a phenomenal movie and an outstanding example of the cyberpunk genre.

In this podcast about race and women, … 96 more words


Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark  is a part of that time period, during the eighties, when the vampires and other monsters, went seriously mainstream. Earlier, The Lost Boys had been released, along with Fright Night, An American Werewolf in London, The Thing, The Blob and The Howling, with top notch special effects and semi-all-star casts. 1,453 more words


Zero Dark Thirty

Me encantan estas películas seudo-periodísticas sobre grandes temas de trascendencia internacional. La directora californiana Kathryn Bigelow le había entrado precisamente a re-construir un pedacito de los conflictos de los soldados norteamericanos en el medio oriente en… 586 more words


Track of the Week - Week Thirty-Two

‘Touched by the Hand of God’ by New Order

From the Salvation! OST (1987)

I don’t want to sound overly philosophical, but life is full of weird coincidences and it seems that the following series of coincidences means that I have to write about New Order this week – 584 more words

Track Of The Week

A Voice in the Day 8/5/15

Many thanks to ace KGO-Radio reporter Brian Pelletier for asking me to weigh in on the lack of diversity in Hollywood for his piece on said subject that aired today!   168 more words


MoMA Likes Cate Blanchett Just as Much as You

Distaste for Cate Blanchett’s acting is a generally unheard of concept — that combination of words strikes as almost nonsensical. For her undeniable range and depth, both onscreen and… 187 more words