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Please Bodhisattva

For All Allen Ginsbergs Everywhere

Oh Bodhisattva
I’m a slacker

Ach Bodhisattva
My mind sometimes is so many-pointed

Dear Bodhisattva
I’ve grown weary of always having an angle… 231 more words

No Time For Poetry But Exactly What Is

“The Cost of War, the Price of Peace”: Take an Online course with Kathy Kelly this summer, July 1 to August 31

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings, from Kabul.I’ll return to the U.S. in time to begin teaching an online course, July 1 – August 31.  The school was organized by ZMagazine, but is now called “The World Institute for Social Change.” I’m eager to give it a try but am anxious I’ll feel like a fraud. 512 more words


From Beale to Baltimore:  No Justice, No Peace

On Tuesday sixteen of us were arrested as we demonstrated against drone warfare at Beale Air Force Base, where pilots at computer stations guide Global Hawk Drones in identifying targets for Predator and Reaper “killer drones.”  Advanced robotic long distance killing machines are not only cruel, unethical, and illegal; they are a waste of the precious lives of our brothers and sisters in other lands and a waste of tax dollars that could be used to create better lives here and goodwill around the world. 491 more words

Another World Is Possible

Blast from the Past - Kathy Kelly

This photo should be better. It’s some contrast, tightening of the level, a bit of color curve and some sharpening. But this is how it is and this is how it will stand. 87 more words


From The Prison Library

From Kathy Kelly, just before she finished serving a three-month prison sentence for protesting the U.S. drone war at a military base in Missouri. Originally posted on the Voices For Creative Nonviolence website… 335 more words

Cloud Of Witnesses

Kathy Kelly: Sing Another Song

Recognizing our need to support one another, to overcome the scourges of our time, to pick up a pace commensurate to the needs of those surrounding us, focused on our sick society with the same determination to heal that we would bring to a very sick child, we all have the task of going beyond our places of comfort, of escaping the stable and trotting if we can’t manage to gallop, of building new affinities in which to imagine and then co-create a better world.

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Upcoming Kathy Kelly Events in Northern California

Peace activist Kathy Kelly, who is currently serving a three month prison sentence for participating in a nonviolent drone protest, will be at four northern California events in May after her release. 226 more words