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another Take a Look Sunday !

Thank you Kathy Temean for another opportunity for Christy and I to crit a willing artist’s two sequential images.  These weekly short and ‘on the spot’ crits have been a fun experience for us and hopefully teaching all artists who see them a little hint here and there to improve their own work for this children’s book market.  738 more words

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Illustrating poetry and

Some of my artwork illustrates a blog post by Kathy Temean about poetry! https://kathytemean.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/life-poetically-speaking/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+WritingAndIllustrating+%28Writing+and+Illustrating%29  – and there’s some nice juicy links in that blog about writing, illustrating and (ahem) poetry! Have fun!

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another agency crit for Temean Blog

Chris: LOTS GOING ON! This artist is very technically proficient – draws and paints very very well. But are we more aware of that talent than of this individual story?  756 more words

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L'il Rusty Children's Illustration Featured on Kathy Temean's Blog Writing and Illustration

My illustration L’il Rusty, is featured on Kathy Temean’s blog today, Writing and Illustrating. On her blog you can also view some great children’s book reviews by Agent Alexandra Penfold. 9 more words


Mama bird teaching......

from Joanne Friar

This morning I saw Kathy Temean’s blog post and was delighted that she featured this image from one of the CAT artists Joanne Friar as a segue into also posting part of my recent article here on the WAY TUGEAU BLOG under CAT NIP: What, When and How.  130 more words

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CAT NIP: WHERE, WHEN, and HOW!? promotion....

Congratulations!  You followed my previous advice on CAT NIP and now have a wonderfully professional, uniquely yours, exciting portfolio/website ready to show the buying world!  YES!? 672 more words

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Mercury rising

Whether it’s the unseasonably cool weather or Mercury’s ascendance, I can’t seem to settle down with my new book. I’m working on it all right – just not cranking out as many words as I’d like. 303 more words

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