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New Journey for Kaszazz with Kathy

Kaszazz with Kathy – the journey so far

Kaszazz with Kathy has been around for 16 years, since 2003. In that time I have been sharing my skills in card making and scrapbooking with my customers, many of whom have also become friends. 117 more words


Coming of Age

When Mom said to my brother Casper, “They’re going to live in the top floor apartment of the old convent,” I suddenly became aware of the conversation at the table. 664 more words


Kyle's Birthday Pie - Cherry Kool-Aid Pie

Ok, technically, it is not Kool-Aid, it is an Aldi’s brand of kid’s soft drink mix, but it is still a Kool-Aid type of pie. 123 more words


Stratford Convent

I loved the smell of coffee. To my seven-year-old nose it smelled rich and exotic. I’d come to recognize that when the scent of coffee was in the air, it meant that Mom and Daddy were in the kitchen having breakfast, or that company was visiting. 686 more words


Ancestry DNA Results

I received my DNA results and although I didn’t think I would be surprised by anything; however, I was a bit.

I knew I had ancestors from England on my mother’s side and my Grandfather in my father’s side I had found came over from Germany when he was young. 143 more words


Harvest Gold

After slathering a slice of Mom’s homemade bread with butter, I lifted a freshly poached egg out of its pan and dropped it in the middle of the bread’s buttery field. 644 more words


Whip Poor Will

I sat back on my heels to rest for a moment while weeding my lawn-turned-garden. Gazing at the stand of oats behind our farmhouse, I noticed shimmers of heat rising from the field. 676 more words