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New Zealand largesse in the Pacific

There’s long been a political attitude in New Zealand and Australia’s Pacific that residents of the smaller island states should be more grateful for the aid their big brothers provide. 134 more words


The Saudi Sheep Deal

G’day there. So Murray McCully and John Key have been doing secret deals with Saudi farmers behind the New Zealand tax payer’s back. So what? What’s the big deal? 271 more words


Judith Collins - the Gift that keeps Giving to the Opposition?

From a news report;

Ms Collins resigned before the election after being accused of working with the Whale Oil blog after emails were released suggesting she was “gunning” for former director of the Serious Fraud Office, Adam Feeley, when she was the minister in charge of the SFO.

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The Body Politic

Judith Collins goes nuclear

Judith Collins has evidently had one allegation too many levelled at her and, tired perhaps of the holier-than-thou attitude of her Labour counterparts and the media, she’s hit back. 606 more words


Katie Bradford on political affiliations

I often see criticisms, presumptions and accusations made about TVNZ journalist Katie Bradford. These are all because of a family relationship – she is Sue Bradford’s daughter. 142 more words


Good coverage, good vibes at Waitangi

If you watch and read and listen to news about Waitangi it’s easy to get the impression the celebrations are riven by protest and confrontation. The rest of New Zealand collectively rolls it’s eyes when “thrown”, “jostled” and “Harawira” are mentioned. 1,218 more words


NZ Media Sails off the Deep End

This week really marked the start of the political to-ing and fro-ing that is going to become a ubiquitous feature of public life this election year. 811 more words

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