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I Bought a Diva Cup and it's the Most Love/Hate Thing in My Life Right Now

Disclosure: For those unfamiliar, the Diva Cup is a silicone menstrual cup. If that’s the sort of thing that you either don’t care about or are actively bothered by hearing about, this is the post to skip. 1,299 more words


Helen Quinn's Axion Adventure

Have you ever walked past the Helen R Quinn Energy Lab on the lower foyer of the main Scienceworks building? Did you ever stop to think who Helen Quinn was and why she has an Energy Lab dedicated to her? 600 more words


The Curious Case of the 3.5 keV "Line" in Cluster Spectra

Earlier this week I went to a seminar. That’s a rare enough event these days given all the other things I have to do. The talk concerned was by… 516 more words

The Universe And Stuff

Summer Vacation Fashion

Welcome to my new blog. Since summer vacation just started, I thought I’d share some warm weather vacation fashion from years past in Hawaii and Todos Santos. 161 more words

Mars & Venus...the clock is ticking

We have been talking to you guys about our film Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium for a while now. The picture is officially LOCKED, post production scoring is in process and the poster art is DONE! 78 more words

Pint in the Sky - Hubble Deep Fields The Hubble Deep Field...

Pint in the Sky – Hubble Deep Fields

The Hubble Deep Field images have become synonymous with the immense expanse of the Universe. In this episode of “Pint in the Sky,” Dr.

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