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CC039: Sex in Public

This week, Katie and Ashley tackle the topic of sex in public, and realize how different they are! Ashley explains why she loves being watched, while Katie needs things to be just right.  40 more words


Soyut cebiri icat eden kadın: Emmy Noether — Katie Mack

Katie Mack — 19 Ekim 2015 — cosmosmagazine.com

Matematikçi Emmy Noether fizikte yeni bir yaklaşımın temelini atan bir dahiydi.

Doğal seçilim biyolojide neyse, Noether Savı da kuramsal fizikte odur. 784 more words


CC037: The No's Have It - Giving and Receiving A "No"

For such a little word, “no” can be fraught with all sorts of anxiety. How do you know when you should be saying no to someone? 69 more words


CC036: Trying New Things and Asking for what You Want (In Bed)

Sometimes there’s nothing harder than talking about sex with the person you’re having sex with, and Katie and Ashley know that struggle all too well. Why is it so hard to share kinks or interests with partners? 61 more words


Review: The Minna kGoal

So not too long ago, Minna (the lovely people behind the Limon and Ola) decided to take the super-cool touch-responsive technology in their other toys and create the… 940 more words


CC035: Scarcity and Abundance Mentalities in Relationships

Katie and Ashley are back, and kicking off their relaunch with a discussion on scarcity and abundance mentalities. Ever stay in a relationship because you thought you’d never find another one? 117 more words


I Bought a Diva Cup and it's the Most Love/Hate Thing in My Life Right Now

Disclosure: For those unfamiliar, the Diva Cup is a silicone menstrual cup. If that’s the sort of thing that you either don’t care about or are actively bothered by hearing about, this is the post to skip. 1,299 more words