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When will Univ. of Del. president apologize for jumping to conclusions and calling the fake nooses a ‘racist display’?

As we reported earlier, University of Delaware President Nancy Targett was quick to call the fake nooses found on campus a “racist display” and a “hate crime.” Here’s the email she sent to students… 208 more words


BUSTED: Shaun King deletes tweet on the fake nooses at the University of Delaware [screenshot]

As we reported earlier, the “nooses” found at the University of Delaware after Katie Pavlich’s speech weren’t nooses at all, but actually string and wire hangars for paper lanterns hung from the tree during an earlier event. 254 more words


'Do you see your whiteness?' Katie Pavlich's Second Amendment talk elicits 'gotcha question'

To be honest, we weren’t going to revisit Townhall editor Katie Pavlich’s speech Monday night at the University of Delaware after covering the breathless preparations for a #BlackLivesMatter protest. 290 more words


Students warned: Katie Pavlich speech on Second Amendment 'may be a triggering experience'

Students for the Second Amendment is sponsoring an appearance by Townhall editor and “Assault and Flattery” author Katie Pavlich tonight at the University of Delaware. The scheduled topic is the Second Amendment and its importance in today’s society. 319 more words


Katie Pavlich rips Gov. Terry McAuliffe's 'ridiculously false' claims at the #WhateverItTakes anti-gun rally

Here we go again. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe spoke a little while ago at the #WhateverItTakes anti-gun rally in D.C., enthralling the crowed with promises to take on the NRA and a call for more background checks: 325 more words

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'More painful than I expected': Katie Pavlich watches president chow down on slightly used salmon

President Obama’s much-hyped trip to Alaska didn’t produce much, aside from news of him buying cinnamon buns before embarking on a hike to “stare down a glacier” 388 more words