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Article Review: Does Racism Still Exist in America?

RE: Katie Pavlich: America is not racist

Black outrage over racial inequality in America has come to the forefront of the national conscience with media coverage of riots in Baltimore and other cities and a white supremist’s terrorism of a black church in Charleston. 566 more words


Katie Pavlich: Calls To Strip Churches Of Tax Exempt Status After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Town Hall — For years conservatives and proponents of religious liberty in America have warned that if same-sex marriage became legal, the left would then pursue revoking the tax exempt status for religious institutions, particularly Christian churches, around the country. 294 more words


Katie Pavlich witnesses TSA give veteran and amputee 'extra patdown' for extra security; Updated

The TSA took a break today (we think) from harassing Dana Loesch so that it instead could devote some extra time to patting down a veteran amputee. 586 more words

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Katie Pavlich: ICE director says no one fired for releasing more than 65,000 criminal aliens

As Twitchy reported earlier today, testimony from a House Oversight hearing on a massive security compromise of federal computer systems led a number of people to ask just what it would take for a federal employee to be fired, or at the very least shamed into resigning. 509 more words

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Not #WearingOrange: Join Katie Pavlich in rocking your favorite pro-gun shirt Tuesday

An interview with actor Vince Vaughn in British GQ magazine revealed that he’s a staunch Second Amendment supporter, bringing the gun control debate back to the forefront of the headlines after a relatively long absence. 514 more words

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'Never forget': Katie Pavlich, others highlight Rolling Thunder weekend in D.C. [photos, vine]

It’s that time once again. Thousands upon thousands of motorcyclists riding to honor veterans and prisoners of war pour into Washington D.C. for Rolling Thunder. 219 more words


Scouts, swing dancers, Bob Dole greet veterans in D.C. for #ArmedForcesDay [photos, Vine]

U.S Military celebrated #ArmedForcesDay with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. pic.twitter.com/zUyA0QqPT4

— U.S. Dept of Defense (@DeptofDefense) May 16, 2015…

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