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Useless Conservative Media Hates Trump

So the National Review’s conservatives-for-profit have come out against Trump, and they brought their conservative-for-profit pals with them.

Introduced tonight on Fox News as being led by Rich Lowry, the anti-Trump mob is also represented by Dana Loesch, Katie Pavlich and Brent Bozell. 849 more words

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This'n'That; January 7th Political Theater

The USA Being Led By A Criminal!
    Did anyone see the “Clown Prince” obama’s dictatorial “dog-and-pony-show” of a coupl’a days ago?  That’s the product of an ass… 807 more words

State Senator: If McAuliffe Hates Guns, He Shouldn't Be Surrounded By Armed Guards

A Virginia State Senator has made a bold declaration calling for Governor Terry McAuliffe to have his executive protection unit disarmed come the new General Assembly session. 283 more words


Katie Pavlich "Trump is the definition of a rino!"

Katie Pavlich “Trump is the definition of a rino!… he appeals to the low information voter.”
Video from Fox News & The Right Sighting. Press the arrow to play. 21 more words

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Bloody America: Ripe for Judgment

Bloody America: Ripe for Judgment

by Bill Lockwood

Nothing calls for the avenging judgment of God against America as clearly as do the recent revelations of barbaric infanticide and selling of baby body parts by public-funded, government-defended Planned Parenthood. 607 more words