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Katie plays first cricket match

Katie played cricket today for the under 11s side at Kingholm with her brother.


Arc Imbalance: Pidge and Hunk

As of Season 6, much of the focus has been on Pidge and her family. While she’s been through much trauma, it’s clear as to who Lauren Montgomery’s favorite is. 131 more words


The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde


CW: substance abuse, sexual content (not..NSFW, but close), emotional abuse, mental health talks

The Brightsiders was written as an “unapologetically queer book”. And that it is. 269 more words


L'Abri Symphony Orchestra Spring Concert 2018...

April 26th…Katie played in the Spring orchestra concert!

The L’Abri Symphony Orchestra celebrated their 25th Anniversary season! The musicians nominated their favorite pieces to perform!

85 more words

Friday Flashback: Katie's Nurse Pinning

Katie’s pinning was 2 years ago tomorrow. Time has positively FLOWN since that night 2 years ago. She began a Medical-Surgicial nurse internship a few weeks later. 59 more words


An Eavesdropping Wyatt Gets an Earful!

B&B spoilers say Wyatt will hear more than he bargain for. He will over hear Bill and Justin argue over Bills tactics to ruin Liam and Steffy’s marriage. 142 more words

Soap Spoiler Alert

Ship It by Britta Lundin


When I read the book description, I did, originally, pass it up. And then I went back and read it again later, and I went “ok, this might be alright. 402 more words