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When it rains, it pours.

I can’t get the image of the girl with the umbrella on the Morton salt container out of my head.  I also imagine my mom saying, “Into each life, a little rain must fall.”  In the last nine months, three friends have died.   964 more words


Pardesi Pyaar ~ Part 8

Parking up in front of a large hotel, Khushi and Katie looked up in awe.

“Surprise ladies, we’re having dinner here tonight.”

“Karl, this place is super expensive.” 1,474 more words


Adventures in Oddity Review

Adventures in Odyssey has come out with many products. Many, many products. So what makes Adventures in Oddity any different?

It’s written by Will Ryan and Katie Leigh. 781 more words

Adventures In Odyssey

Everyday Necessities

Living at home is great while you have it, need something to eat? MOM! Need something washed but don’t want to stay up to wash it? 463 more words


Sunset Skies & Beaming Smiles - Katie & Brandon's Maui Wedding

They don’t come any sweeter than Katie and Brandon. As a local couple, they love and appreciate the natural beauty always on display in this amazing place we call home. 165 more words

Pardesi Pyaar ~ Part 7

A phone began ringing and Khushi crawled under the covers. Who was calling her so early in the morning? Suddenly the ringing stopped and someone answered the phone. 1,233 more words


Book Review | 15/08/17

Time to admit to a certain guilty pleasure – Hi my name is Alice and I am addicted to Katie Price books.

There’s definitely worse problems that I could have and I don’t mind so much but being such a book worm people definitely give you a look when they find out that you have not only read every book Katie Price has ever published but also that you own all of them. 470 more words

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