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@KatieGotBandz Exposed ‼️

Chicago Native and Recording Artist Katie Got Bandz was taken advantaged of as a woman with rights. A photo was leaked of her nude laying in the bed knocked out apparently after some good sex 😩😒. 131 more words


About Me

I tell stories. Some are true and some are lies (that aim to tell the truth). Which is to say I am both a technical writer and a creative one. 87 more words


No egg-dye kit? Your Easter egg tradition can still live with this Overseas Mama's tips and tricks!

Anyone else have a hard time finding an Easter Egg Dying kit where they live?

I didn’t find one anywhere, so I decided to get a little creative and color our Easter eggs by other means. 435 more words


The Game of Life

On March 21, 2015, just a few days ago, I woke up, headed downstairs, and chilled on the couch for a little bit. Pretty normal so far. 943 more words


Who are Katie, Mark, Malik and Yanni?

Traveling deep into the field of linguistics, the Bad Bitches Group are focussing on finding connections between Spanish and Irish Gaelic. Our lead Bitch in the group is American ginger, Katie M. 172 more words

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Words of Affirmation

By Katie

As I was leaving my favorite one-stop-shop, Target, the other day, I caught myself contemplating something I had never really thought about before. An older woman was in front of me arranging the items in her shopping cart and she was wearing a really pretty sweater. 775 more words