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Sharukh Khan trying to do a Bruno Mars?

I was watching Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Sharukh Khan and Katrina Kaif film where he kissed on screen for the first time ever)

I was half way through (1:11:57) when part way through the song, I see Katrina in a long t-shirt, and Sharukh in a faded maroon v-neck sporting a black hat and dark jean all Bruno Mars style (see his song Just the Way you Are for the setting and the loft-style room with an old jukebox, and see his other song Grenade for the outfit inspiration). 27 more words


Looking Back >Katrina Refugees: September 1st, 2005

Day 4

Today dawned clear and beautiful and I hugged my children, thankful they are safe and comfortable. So many mothers are waiting with their children to be evacuated in sweltering temperatures, fearing for their safety and wondering when they will have food and water and shelter. 549 more words


Civil Politcs (8/28/15): Grab Bag of Fun


The Panel discusses a wide variety of topics from the past week including the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the recent improvement of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, and the ongoing immigration debate.


She Shall Remain Nameless

I was closing out the night shift at my radio gig; playing old school favorites during the Sunday gospel feature. It was likely the last of many positive vibes I would feel in a long time. 220 more words


A Tale of Termites and Hurricanes

Three men stood in my dining room staring at what had been a colorful yellow wall filled with Japanese art.

“I’ve never seen a live nest of termites,” one of the contractors remarked excitedly, as though he were staring at a… 752 more words


Paul Krugman: What's It Going to Take for Voters to Understand How Dumb Republicans Are?

Source: AlterNet

Author: Janet Allon

Emphasis Mine

For some reason, it took Hurricane Katrina to expose the utter incompetence and disgusting lack of any semblance of humanity or leadership in the Bush Administration. 583 more words