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Second Chances

I believe
in picking up
broken glass
before it is
stepped on.

I believe
there are many
shades of blue.
Not all of
them beautiful. 117 more words

This Is How We Learn

"They spilled on us like we weren’t there": Louisiana's 'invisible' fishing community

By Simi Kang

A Vietnamese fisherman’s wife gestures to a forefinger with her thumb, pointing to the second knuckle to indicate how small the brown shrimp are this season; “we’re not making enough for gas—we can barely pay our deckhands, let alone ourselves.” 1,684 more words

Politics & Policy

"George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"

In August of 2005, I was only 8 years old. I don’t remember a lot about being 8 years old, I don’t remember who I was friends with or what music I liked, but I do remember Hurricane Katrina. 694 more words

Character Choices and Draco Demands Many Cyndaquil!

Draco has been working on his novel. It’s turning out fairly well. A part of Draco wants to take it into a game(a la visual novel or rpg( Kind of like those Lonely Wolf Treat games Draco always recommends to you.)) but for now it’s about getting the story out. 945 more words


When Disaster Strikes

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, citizens and government officials across America were asking the same question: should New Orleans be rebuilt? The question seems simple, but the answer is quite nuanced. 474 more words

Climate Change

An Insider's View of the 1%

The 1%

Directed by Jamie Johnson (2006)

Film Review

The 1%, produced and directed by Johnson and Johnson heir Jamie Johnson, offers a rare insider perspective on the dangers of extreme wealth inequality for contemporary society. 198 more words

The Global Economic Crisis